On Wednesday, “Crooked Hillary” Clinton participated in the annual “Code” tech conference. During that conference, Mrs. Clinton excused many of her worst mistakes, and complained about the way she was treated during the election.

Hillary’s String of Complaints

First, she complained about “the way that the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when.” Never mind that it wasn’t “turned into” a scandal: it was a scandal, one for which she ought to have faced serious jail time.

Hillary also complained about the controversies surrounding her Wall Street speeches as Secretary of State. She claimed that “The most common thing that I talked about in all those speeches was the hunt for Bin Laden.” So she never, ever spoke about open borders?

She complained about bad money in the campaign. “You had Citizens United come to its full fruition. So unaccountable money flowing in against me, against other Democrats, in a way that we hadn’t seen and then attached to this weaponized information war. You had effective suppression of votes.”

Wait, wasn’t Citizens United the ruling that freed money to work in political campaigns? Money that your own campaign also received? And, again, where’s the proof of vote suppression?

Hillary claimed she had to inject money into a desperate DNC, which had nothing like the data organization the RNC had. (The former director of data science for the DNC called this claim “bullshit” on Twitter.) She accused Breitbart of “supplying a lot of the …untrue, false stories” for which no evidence has been given at any time.

“…but that’s not why I lost.”

However, Hillary outdid herself with this comment: “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost.”

Sheer nonsense. Hillary chose to abuse her position as Secretary of State and to use an illegal email server. She chose to not visit Wisconsin, and to spend a good part of her campaign posing with Hollywood folk. She ran the most lackluster campaign in years. She willfully covered up her many wrongdoings with lie upon lie upon lie. And none of this made her lose?

Trump spoke accurately when he called her “Crooked Hillary.” Crooked she is, and shall likely remain. Her return to public life further demonstrates her lack of shame, sense, and any shred of wisdom. Hillary Clinton is incapable of humility and self-reflection, and she shows it in her actions.

After hearing this speech, I hope Hillary returns to political campaigning. I want Democrats to continue lining up behind someone who utterly lacks self-awareness or any sense of responsibility. Please, back the “most qualified candidate ever” so they can lose again. Support the woman who has spent her life protecting a sleazy husband. She has never once won a hard campaign in her life, and clearly still has no idea how to win.

At the end of the day, Crooked Hillary won’t know how to fight other than to show up and be handed a win. Because… ovaries.