The Paris Agreement was doomed from the start because all it did was weaken America.

Trump has gone forward with his traditional style of bull in the china shop. But in the process he may have done a great service for our environment. How is this possible you ask? The answer lies in the fact that the Paris Agreement Obama entered on August 29th, was actually a major political stunt. The gravitas of the agreement was merely symbolic. But what it did do was hurt American innovation.

That’s right, the Paris Agreement created an environment that hurt U.S. businesses that were already working to research sustainable and renewable energy.

Historically, environmentalism has attracted fringe elements of the political left. These environmental activists, such as those from green-peace, have sought to disrupt the flow of commerce to ensure their narrative makes it on the news. The Paris Agreement doesn’t hold any physical mechanisms for ensuring its agreeing nations follow the rules.

As Trump laid out in his speech, it appeased environmental offenders and punished America. Andres Corr wrote a piece for Forbes in late 2016 that asserted the Paris Agreement could cause a “Climate Catastrophe“. Even if the agreement is negligent when it comes to true environmental traction, the left continues to defend it as if it is the holy grail of environmental treaties.

“So despite the political fanfare in Paris, the planet is likely headed for irreversible catastrophic climate change”

-Andres Corr for Forbes

According to the White House, following the agreement to its fullest by 2040 would cut production in paper by 12%, cement by 23%, iron/steel by 38%, and coal by a whopping 86%. The cost to American business would be approximately 3 trillion dollars, and an estimated 6 and a half million industrial jobs would disappear. Additionally, Trump stated that the agreement does not meet our environmental ideals. Asserting that he could not in good conscience support a deal that punishes the United States, which is the world leader in environmental protection.

Under the agreement, China could increase emission for 13 years. India participated only on the basis of receiving “billions worth” of foreign aid to ensure they met their environmental agreements. The agreement ended the development of clean coal in America, but allowed for China to build the facilities and for India to double its coal production by 2020.

In a clear and concise statement, Trump said that the United States will continue to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country on earth.

Poverty allows greater environmental disaster, and it would be a lie for the environmental scientists to ignore this. Economics has an impact on everything, and most certainly on our environment. If Trump lives up to the re-negotiation part of his commitment, there will be a global shift that will ultimately favor America once again. We can focus on supporting energy that uses our rich natural resources, but does so in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Trumps “America First Energy Plan” asserts that a “brighter future depends on energy policies that stimulate our economy, ensure our security, and protect our health.”