If you are tired of hearing the names James Comey, Kathy Griffin, and Michael Flynn everywhere you turn, this article is probably for you. Since these recent dramatic events in Washington have been plastered all over social media, some other pertinent, recurring issues have risen to the surface once again and these issues aren’t even partisan.

Confederate flags and confederate memorial monuments have created disputes among local officials, governmental entities, and the general public for years now. These dissensions have taken place in several southern states including Alabama, North Carolina, and most recently, Arizona. The interesting case about Arizona is that it had no involvement in the Civil War and the most recent confederate memorial added was only in 2010, which makes anyone question their intent.

During these confederate flag protests, within the last year, an uproar of rebellion towards the American flag and the national anthem have also ensued. We have seen this with the San Francisco 49ers former quarterback Colin Kaepernick with his kneeling during the national anthem before professional football games and the most recent case of a student in Ohio at Wright State University laying the American flag on the ground and standing on it to preach against America’s “racial inequality.”

The irony with both of these protests against the American flag and the confederate flag is that the protesters are all fighting against the same thing: racism.

If this is the case, it would be logical to see these two actions not separately, but together.

To put it into other terms, either both entities should be outlawed or both should be lawful. It should be the freedom of the people, local governments, and private sector organizations to be able to fly any flag just as it should be the freedom of any individual or organization to figuratively and/or literally disrespect any flag.

Flags in this country represent symbolic history and pride. For example, the rainbow flag represents LGBTQ pride as the single-striped blue flag represents the “Blue Lives Matter” movement. Because of this, it is not logically sound to oppose and demand the end of the confederate flag for racial injustice while also mutilating the current American flag for the exact same reason. Either the people can fly the rebel flag and have the freedom to step on the American flag, or both acts should be illegal.

The country must continue to consider the act of flying a flag to fall under free speech (as it is written), and not ban any one specific flag. Those who use the confederate flag in a racist manner and those who burn the American flag are obviously both morally wrong, but many men and women have died for their right to do so and that should be respected in itself.

I will also fight for your right to fly or step on any flag you want, but it is this writer’s opinion that the only flag to be flown is the American flag. May she never fall.