Rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman! It’s indefensible, and never deserved. No means no, and no one is to blame but the rapist.

This is how every proposal or suggestion on the subject of women’s self-defense begins. The words are all true, of course, but they should go without saying. No one is suggesting that women deserve to be raped, or that the burden to prevent it lies on them.

However, that is the starting point from which leftists angrily dismantle any call to give women their Constitutional right to defend themselves.

Politicizing Rape

When lawmakers reasonably suggest that women should be able to defend themselves against rape, the inevitable backlash often forces them to retract their position.

Those on the left say that the rapist holds the sole responsibility for his crime. Somehow, suggesting that women be allowed the agency to defend themselves places the onus on them. Therefore, encouraging women to arm and defend themselves is an example of victim-blaming.

The truth is that progressives have politicized rape. Progressives understand the visceral response it elicits, and they understand that they can use that to get their way. Sexual assault is now useful as a political cudgel on everything from gun control to slandering the Greek fraternity system.

Gun Rights Save Lives

This approach is ridiculous on its face. Crimes of all times are an inevitable consequence of a free society, and sexual assault is no different. No, women do not bear the responsibility to prevent rape. But if a single one can be prevented by a woman arming herself, what reasonable person could argue against it?

If the left truly cared about victims more than politics, they would do their best to keep them from becoming just that. They would stop politicizing this horrible crime, and they would do their best to ensure that false claims of rape don’t silence genuine victims or destroy the lives of those wrongly accused.

If progressives cared more about victims than politics, a woman’s most valuable form of self-defense would not be a partisan wedge, but a welcome solution.