As Ramadan comes to a close, it’s important to remember how lucky we are to live in a country that allows us celebrate our own religions, or lack thereof because it is not that easy for the rest of the world.

Over the last few months, terrorist attacks have been more publicized and prevalent. We have seen devastating attacks take place in several western civilizations including Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, and even Ohio State University.

If you watch or follow any form of news, you have to ask yourself: “Why are these attacks getting worse and why are they hitting closer to home?”

The President said it best in his inaugural address when he proclaimed his plan to “eradicate” radical Islamic terrorism from “the face of the Earth.” As expected the left took this as a racist, islamophobic, and generally bigoted statement towards the Muslim community.

This is simply incorrect and miscalculated. Let’s take a look at the factual data.

In 2015 there were approximately 1.8 billion Muslims globally; the second largest and rapidly increasing religion. Islam radiates into many different regions and countries including but not limited to Nigeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Palestinian territories, and Afghanistan.

When the Pew Research Center conducted research on these territories regarding their stance on suicide bombings and ISIS, 20% of Nigerian Muslims saw both favorably. When asked if violent acts in the name of Islam were “somewhat” justified, 40% of Muslims in the Palestinian territories agreed, 39% in Afghanistan, 29% in Egypt, and 26% in Bangladesh.

When you take those percentages to the 1.8 billion Muslims all throughout the globe, you find a large group of people who believe violence justifies their faith.

Despite these numbers, let one thing remain clear: a substantial majority of followers of Islam are peaceful people of faith and deserve serenity within their religion. In order to protect Muslims, Christians, and the general public from radical terror groups, I believe we ought to put three following ideas into action.

First, we must admit that these horrendous acts of terror come from radical Islamic ideology and we need to do away with unnecessary political correctness. Secondly, we must dismantle communicative diplomacy with these terror groups and push for more aggressive action. We need to declare some form of war on terror groups and send military forces to these areas. Finally, we must no longer obstruct the proposed travel bans from the President using federal courts of appeals. A travel ban to the United States from countries taken over by radical Islam, is yet another simple, but overlooked idea from President Trump.

If you take anything from this article it should be that Islamic practice is a right in this country and should be cherished, accepted, and protected. But Radical Islamic terror is not acceptable, and must be treated more aggressively to protect our people and to give the Muslim community a good name again.