Last Friday, three Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered a policewoman in Israel in the name of ISIS. Her name was Hadas Malka, and she was a Border Police officer in Jerusalem. One friend called her a “real-life Wonder Woman.” The three evil losers perpetrating the attack were killed by Israeli forces before they could murder any other innocent people.

The Fatah terrorist group, purported to be the “moderate” party in charge of the Palestinian Authority, put out their usual anti-semitic propaganda. They called the three terrorists “martyrs,” and claimed they were the victims of “war crimes” by the “Israeli occupation forces.”

This blatantly false propaganda, and is more of the detestable demonization of Israel that we expect from the Palestinian Authority. However, BBC News decided to join in on the anti-Israel bias. The news agency wrote a truly shocking headline that read “three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.”

Yes, a major world news source wrote that headline. They mourned terrorists and ignored an innocent 23 year-old Israeli woman who died defending her country.

This is not the first time BBC made this “mistake.” Back in October 2015, BBC ran a similarly biased headline after a Jerusalem terror attack which left two Israelis dead. They wrote “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.”

Many other outlets play the same trick. They write headlines emphasizing the deaths of terrorists while leaving out their efforts to murder innocent people. The New York Times wrote “Israeli police officers kill two Palestinian men.” CNN wrote “‘terrorists'” in quotation marks after a June 2016 terror attack in Tel Aviv. The list goes on and on.

They claim that these are only simple mistakes. Yet, as one Israeli official tweeted, “such mistakes happen way too often.”

The truth is that the media is utterly shameless when it comes to hating Israel. The repeated anti-Israel headlines and stories proved there is anti-Israel bias in the media long ago. Sadly, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.