Republican Karen Handel recently beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in the House of Representatives election for Georgia’s 6th District. A strong female beat a while male in a major election, but to nobody’s surprise, feminists are not celebrating. Rather, prior to the election, many Hollywood feminists bashed Handel on Twitter and backed her opponent.

Ossoff spent nearly $25 million running his campaign, while Handel spent roughly $5 million. Financial assets never guarantee a victory, but they sure help. However, Handel emerged victorious and beat her male opponent, breaking the glass ceiling of the patriarchy, as feminists might see it.

Why aren’t feminists celebrating?

Emphasizing gender and race in situations such as these only further divides different demographics. However, it’s important to point out that the hypocrisy of the modern feminist movement has become intolerable.

Feminism, on paper, is about equal opportunities between men and women, and about getting strong females into leadership positions. So why is this not a victory for feminism?

Quite simply, feminism does not support all women. Modern feminism supports liberal, pro-choice, anti-Trump, Democratic women. They want nothing to do with conservative pro-life, small government advocates like Karen Handel. Conservative women like Handel are often attacked by feminists for being pro-life, or even just for having the “wrong” opinion.

How is this empowering women?

Feminism is not at all about empowering women. Rather, it’s about enforcing an ideology. If feminists truly cared about empowering women, they would celebrate, or at the very least acknowledge, Handel’s victory. Instead, they are bashing Handel for having the wrong opinion and claiming that she is “anti-women” simply for being pro-life.

One could argue that feminists don’t truly believe women are disadvantaged in this country, and are simply using this lie to further their liberal agenda. If feminism truly only cared about equality with men, Handel’s victory would be more than just a victory for Republicans, but a victory for feminism as well.