Prager University recently released a video, presented by Greg Gutfeld, titled “Why the Right is Right”. He discusses the relationship between conservatism and liberalism in an underutilized but incredibly accurate way. As Gutfeld correctly states, “liberalism takes what conservatism makes”.

Liberalism depends on a conservative economy

Greg Gutfeld argues that only conservatism brings money into the economy because free market principles generate economic growth, and he’s right.

For example, the freight rail brought significant revenue into the economy due to the deregulation. The government stepped aside and allowed private companies to make unrestricted decisions on their own, allowed them to flourish. As a result, freight rail companies could offer lower rates, ensure high demand. They could catalyze tremendous growth in U.S. trade, the GDP, and various other industries.

This kind of large spike in economic growth is only possible with the conservative belief of small government. It is not until this principle is implemented economically that liberal schemes are even possible. Increased minimum wage, for example, would not be possible without hardworking businessmen who generate wealth and employment opportunities through the free market. Without a conservative reality, liberal fantasies are not possible.

After hard-working Americans forge their way and become successful through the conservative free market, liberalism demands its share of the wealth. However, the only reason we have wealth to tax or redistribute, as liberals demand, is because of the conservative free market. Increased taxation is a hindrance to the free market and deviating from the free market makes taxation less possible. The more that liberal ideas become a reality, the less and less plausible they become.

Liberals attack what keeps them alive

Liberals are intent on destroying the very thing that keeps their ideology alive. Hollywood celebrities continuously advocate for socialistic principles and liberal politicians, but don’t recognize that their success was possible because of the free market. As Greg Gutfeld so perfectly put it, “Conservatism doesn’t compete with liberalism, it sustains it”. This, among a multitude of reasons, is why only conservatism makes sense.

A conservative reality provides the economy with wealth and opportunity that the liberal ideology redirects toward socialist principles. Any progression toward socialism strips us of wealth, prosperity, and freedom. Any deviation from capitalism is an infringement on freedom, and socialism is a terrible idea, in practice and in theory. It has failed miserably everywhere it has been attempted, and forced altruism is not altruism. Individual people, non-profits, and churches must help the poor, and the more that the government stays out of the way the more organizations are able to do so.

America is great because it allows its citizens more freedoms than any other country. To succumb to liberal principles would be to give up many of those freedoms and rights, the first being the right to be left alone by the government.