Last Saturday, three Jewish individuals were were thrown out of the annual Chicago LGBT march. What was their crime? They carried a LGBT pride flag with a Jewish star on it.

The left rejected Jews because they were proud of their identities. The flag apparently made other people “unsafe,” and the three Jews were harassed before being told to leave. One of the Jews thrown out of the march said “[she] felt that, as a Jew, [she] [was] not welcome [there].”

The march’s organizers, however, did not apologize for the anti-Semitic harassment. They told the LGBT newspaper The Windy Times that the event was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.”

This event is demonstrative of a pattern. Leftists show blatant antisemitism, and immediately excuse it as “anti-Zionism.”

In this instance, the Jews at the march didn’t even display an Israeli flag. Rather, it was a pride flag with a Star of David–the primary Jewish religious symbol. But since the Israeli flag also has the star, leftists feel compelled to protest every single time they see it.

This march comes after a wave of antisemitism and sleazy attacks on Jews on college campuses by left-wing groups:

  • Various Students for Justice in Palestine groups across the country took the “saltwater challenge.” These protesters drank salt water in order to show their “solidarity” with terrorists convicted of murdering Israeli Jews.
  • Several BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction against Israel) resolutions were also proposed and passed on Passover. This was intentional: Jewish students would be unable to defend themselves or Israel at the campus debates if they attended religious services.
  • At the University of Illinois at Chicago, students distributed anti-Semitic flyers protesting “Jewish Privilege” and directing leftist hatred of “the 1%” towards Jews.

Contrary to popular belief, a strong majority of American Jews still feel a connection to Israel. American Jews also overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic Party, which is moving farther left seemingly by the day. Many Jews also lean left politically.

Left-leaning Jews still call themselves “progressives,” despite the left’s special emphasis on hating Israel. Nearly every leftist event seems to feature “Free Palestine” signs, from Black Lives Matter to the Women’s March. The left has embraced anti-Semitic figureheads such as Linda Sarsour, and even convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh. “Progressive” Jews continually defend these types of people.

The recent event at the Chicago LGBT march shows the ever-increasing boldness of the left’s anti-Semitic wing. The fact that they reject the presence of any Jewish star, not even an Israeli flag, demonstrates how real antisemitism is hijacking the progressive movement. It is increasingly difficult for left-wing Jews to defend leftists as anti-Zionists, rather than condemn them as anti-Semites.

Left leaning Jews have a real predicament on their hands. Will they continue excusing leftist antisemitism and continue attending “progressive” events? Or will they finally abandon a movement that has already abandoned them?