Last week, the Senate was supposed to vote on the healthcare bill. But Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed it until after the July 4th recess.

The vote on this bill is massively important for the future of our nation’s healthcare. It is possibly the most influential piece of legislation on the healthcare system since LBJ’s Great Society initiative in the 1960s, when the Medicaid and Medicare programs were created. The Trumpcare vote is not merely a vote between Obamacare and Obamacare lite.

This vote is, realistically, a vote on single payer healthcare. And believe it or not, those in favor of Trumpcare are on the wrong side.

The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro breaks down the Senate version of Trumpcare, which perhaps doesn’t even affect the Obamacare status quo enough to be considered ‘Obamacare lite’.

The biggest problem with Trumpcare is not that it is a bad bill (even though it is). The problem, as Shapiro elaborates, is that “when premiums go up and insurance companies go out of business, Republicans and the free market will take ownership.”

Trumpcare will be labelled a “free market” healthcare plan, and the free market will take the fall for it.

Once this bill passes, the failures in the healthcare market will allow Democrats to claim that a free market solution for healthcare has already failed and that the only route forward is more and more government intervention. Republicans will have no way to defend themselves after the solution fails, and the voters will turn towards the Democrats.

Ultimately, the road leads to a single payer healthcare system. The Democrats have been arguing for years now that the quantity of health insurance coverage is the most important metric for measuring plans. Republicans have been split between establishing consumer freedom and providing lower premiums. But they have also been buying into the Democrats’ metric of coverage.

Trumpcare will fail by both metrics. Now that many Republicans are buying into the notion that quantity of coverage is the goal for healthcare, voters will inevitably turn to the Democrats, whose plans are certainly more effective at achieving that goal.

As long as quantity of coverage is the metric for success, single payer is the ultimate solution. No other plan will reach the goal of 100% coverage. That is why this vote is so important. Republicans have to make it clear by rejecting Trumpcare and standing firm on a true free market bill, that coverage is not the goal of healthcare plans.

You would think Democrats would be secretly cheering the healthcare bill on. If Trumpcare passes, the free market will certainly take the blame for its failures and a single payer healthcare system will become inevitable.

Senate Republicans have a monumental decision to make this week. Will they finally show some political courage and reverse the way the way the country evaluates healthcare? Or will they pass Trumpcare and send the country on an irreversible path to single payer?