The conservative right has continuously fought hard to protect the sanctity of life within the womb. This seemingly never-ending battle between “life” and “choice” has been waged for decades. And let’s face it: most of the wins have gone to the pro-death movement. Despite all the political klout utilized, speeches given, marches trekked and battles fought, the fight for life is being lost.

Now, as if the attempt to preserve life within the womb wasn’t a trek hard enough, I believe we are witnessing the pro-choice movement take its fight outside the womb. The Charlie Gard case could change everything.

The Charlie Gard Case

We have all likely heard the insane outsiders that believe parents should be able to end the life of a four year-old child if they so please. After all, the child is within the care of the parents and cannot think for itself, right? Until a child knows of a tomorrow, they aren’t a being worth protecting.

These arguments were always made by fringe people. I would never dare associate them with any political party, if only for the sheer fact that it seemed unfair and wrong. These are just nut jobs spouting nonsense in a sad attempt to obtain a platform… or so I thought.

The past few weeks have been eye-opening as the controversy surrounding Charlie Gard has continued to wage on. Charlie Gard is a ten month-old baby in the U.K. who has a rare, reportedly incurable genetic condition. This rare disease leaves the child without vision, and without the ability to move or breathe on its own.

The only humane option, at least in the eyes of the hospital overseeing his “care,” is to end Charlie’s life.

The decision to move forward with euthanizing Charlie seems to be progressing to a devastating end. Further, it’s advancing without the permission from the child’s parents. The Gards are fighting hard to relieve the U.K. social healthcare system of the financial burden that is Charlie. They want to move him to the U.S., where he can receive the care he deserves and the possibility of life. Despite raising funds and finding various doctors and hospitals willing to treat Charlie, he is being held hostage in the United Kingdom.

What Are The Consequences?

We have likely all heard this story already. We read it, we get sad or angry, and then we proceed on with our day. It’s as if we truly do not comprehend the ramifications of the Charlie Gard story. The pro-life community doesn’t understand what it means if we lose the battle, or even if we win it.

The progressive movement at large has bought into the idea that the most humane option is to end Charlie’s life. It’s as if he is our pet dog on his last leg. The very idea of humanity being even remotely precious is non-existent in this story.

You may think it is a joke to compare Charlie’s situation to the approach given to euthanizing a dog. However, listen to these arguments. “Charlie is feeling pain. Charlie’s treatment is a financial drain. Charlie has a possibility of treatment in the U.S., but those treatment opportunities could cause more pain to him. He probably won’t live much longer, anyway.” The solution? End his life now, and quit prolonging the inevitable.

This isn’t about the resources. It’s not as if the parents aren’t able to fund the medical treatment of Charlie in America. It also isn’t about parental control. We aren’t having a conversation about whether or not the parents want to treat their child in the first place, because they clearly do.

Collectively, we are witnessing a kidnapping and murder by the state under the guise of compassion. And somehow, the majority of us are fine with it.

The Next Battlefield

I fear that Charlie Gard’s story, regardless of the outcome, has begun a new fight between conservatives and liberals. We are officially witnessing abortions leaving the womb, and humanity as we know it is changing.

We cannot allow government to end the lives of children based on its own assumptions about their quality of life. If we do, we will allow the idea to be perpetuated that, if a child cannot speak for itself, then the state, and presumably the parents, should have the right to control its fate.

Life means nothing until you speak. It means nothing if you are in pain. It means nothing if a doctor says so. And apparently, life means nothing if you become a drain on the socialist healthcare system.

To those on the left, I implore you to fight against the seizure and murder of Charlie Gard. It may seem compassionate to end the life of Charlie, but are we really willing to turn that control over to the state?

I understand the arguments on the left. I understand that, despite the road we are being led down, the left’s current intentions are probably good. However, we have all heard the old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That phrase has never rang more true than now.