It’s no secret that Republicans and Libertarians are not happy with politicians in Washington who are not fulfilling their promises. Namely, the repeal of Obamacare.

The ideologies of the Republican and Libertarian parties share a common foundation. They can both be simplified to the desire for smaller government and more personal freedoms. In the coming years, it would be smart for Republicans and Libertarians to join forces against the Democratic Party.

A Missouri Candidate Can Bridge the Gap

Austin Petersen is an excellent example of a person with ideological beliefs that represent both parties and can potentially establish a middle ground.

Petersen ran as a libertarian in the 2016 presidential election. He is now running as a Republican for a Senate seat in Missouri. Ultimately, this is good news for libertarians and conservatives for several reasons.

Petersen leans libertarian on many issues, but is running within the Republican Party, allowing him a better chance at getting elected. But his ideology encompasses both parties and can bridge the gap between them. Libertarian candidates would truly benefit from running within the Republican Party while adhering to their libertarian beliefs. The Republican Party would benefit from this as well, as they would gain more voters. There is no reason for a Republican voter to be voting for a third-party candidate who doesn’t have a realistic chance.

He’s pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-constitution, like many Republicans. He is a strong advocate for repealing Obamacare, eliminating regulations, and legalizing drugs. Most importantly, he’s tired of Republicans running like Libertarians, but governing like Democrats.

Each of these positions appeal to the Libertarian perspective.

His summarizes his ideology as follows: “I deeply believe in our core Missouri values of hard work, freedom and individualism. There is no worse insult than to tell people that they’re incapable of caring for themselves, bettering themselves and making their own decisions.

As I’ve said elsewhere, my vision for America is one where gay married couples can defend their marijuana fields with fully automatic machine guns. This is ultimately the kind of world that the Founding Fathers envisioned. Where all lives matter from conception to death, and where all people are given the opportunity to make the most of their inherent liberties as rational human beings.”

While this ideology may sound slightly extreme to some conservatives, it will clearly appeal to libertarian-leaning voters. The more Republican politicians continue to govern like Democrats, the more that a Libertarian mentality may appeal to conservatives.

We Must Unite to Restore Liberty

The Republican and Libertarian parties need to come together to combat the current war on liberty led by the Democrats. The ideology of Petersen could garner immense support from both sides and allow for unification on common ground. In coming elections, Republicans and Libertarians may need to compromise and support a single candidate, like Petersen, who will require the support of both parties to succeed. If they don’t unify, they will risk handing an election over to the party that is set on destroying our liberties.

Ultimately, Petersen is good news for conservatives. He is a Republican who isn’t really a Republican and a politician who doesn’t believe in politics. He has stated multiple times, “I don’t want to be a politician, I want to be a statesman. Ultimately, I’m running because I have a passion for liberty.”