Oregon’s state legislature recently voted on a bill (HB3391) mandating that insurance companies completely cover the cost of an abortion. Regardless of the reason that the mother gives, she can decide to abort her child at no cost. Governor Kate Brown has not yet signed the bill into law, but according to her recent tweet on the matter, she is in favor of it. There is little question as to whether or not the bill will be passed.

Astoundingly, the bill even states that, “This 2017 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2017 Act takes effect on its passage.” The state of Oregon is deeming the need for access to free abortion “an emergency.”  Citizens must pay to have their child, but can abort it for free and for any reason. It’s as if proponents of this bill would rather women kill their unborn children. The audacity is unreal.

The Immorality of The Bill

This bill will, of course, increase the prevalence of abortions, and the murder of innocent lives. Protection of life is the government’s first and most important job. In this case, the government of Oregon is doing the exact opposite.

A fetus is not a disease or a health problem; it is a human life worthy of respect. Therefore, health insurance companies have no business covering a procedure that is not meant to improve one’s health. Abortion only does the opposite for the child.

Insurers cannot be forced to cover an entirely unnecessary procedure that simply denies millions the most basic right of life.  Leftists may argue that in some cases, the pregnancy creates health problems for the mother. However, these cases are extremely rare and the solution is not to kill the child, but to treat the complication.

This bill also reflects the cultural decline in the value of personal responsibility. Not only can you kill your child, and claim no responsibility for your actions, but now leftists want you to be able to do it at no cost. Again, you must pay to have your child, but do not have to pay to abort it. Would it not make more sense to cover the cost of having the child? The intentions behind this bill are beyond twisted and malicious.

Furthermore, many Oregon citizens do not want their tax dollars funding abortions for moral and religious reasons, but their beliefs were not considered.

This bill infringes on the most basic freedoms of all citizens, not just those of the unborn.