On Friday, July 14th, Arizona Senator John McCain had a sudden cranial surgery to remove a blood clot.

While certainly not an insignificant procedure, the results made a blood clot almost desirable. Senator McCain was diagnosed with a primary glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor.

While the threatening tissue has been removed, the resulting cancer will likely be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. The American war hero and Senator of 30 years will face a long and treacherous battle with this severe form of cancer.

Were There Warning Signs?

Senator McCain’s unfortunate diagnosis raises a question that many in the media have not asked yet. Were there any signs of Senator McCain’s condition?

During the Comey hearings, John McCain went through an infamous line of questioning that had the Senator rambling almost incoherently. The odd questions and repetitive rambles led many online and in the media to bash the Senator relentlessly. However, the news of Senator McCain’s cancer could shed a little light on the reasoning behind this odd occurrence.

Senator McCain is known for his strong communication skills. Whether he was leading a hard line of questioning or out on the campaign trail, Senator McCain has never had as odd an occurrence as he had during Comey’s hearing.

The Senator laughed off the Comey hearing questions and chalked it up to a poor night’s sleep. In fact, he blamed it on staying up too late to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, many in the media did, in fact, question the now 80-year-old Senator’s health.

Is There A Connection Between the Hearing and Senator McCain’s Health?

A connection between the Comey hearing and the Senator’s health may exist here.

Senator McCain’s tumor was located above his eye in the frontal lobe, which is part of the cerebrum.  According to MacMillan Cancer Support, “tumours in the cerebrum can cause weakness on one side of the body.” They can also cause “problems with speech, vision and memory.”

Based on the little information that has been provided to the public, it could be assumed that the tumor affected McCain’s cerebrum.

However, according to Dr. Joseph Zabramski, a neurosurgeon at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, “It wouldn’t make any sense because he was normal (after the hearing). I don’t think there was a connection between that episode and the present procedures.”

Dr. Joseph Zambramski made these comments prior to the diagnosis release of Senator McCain.

It is possible that Senator McCain’s ramblings were caused by his recently diagnosed cancer. However, too few details have been released to confirm this.