As much as they accuse the right of cruelty and criminality, many leftists seem fine engaging in it themselves. As self-appointed arbiters of morality and truth, they have a selective eye when it comes to determining who among them is worthy of their benevolence and mercy.

Like kings among the unwashed masses, progressives see liberty in society as people resisting their own best interests. According to the gospel of progressive thought, those who do not submit to their new, “enlightened” perspective must be punished.

This resistance to liberty, from bashing Trump supporters with baseball bats to blacklisting conservative speakers, seems shocking at first glance. However, it isn’t if you understand the source of this behavior. It stems from a moral compass dominated by a relativistic understanding of truth.

Nations live and die by their citizens’ morality. However, when it comes to leftists, it seems as though their moral compass derives not from God, nor even nature’s ‘God.’ Their morality does not come from anything greater than themselves and their ideology. Older ways of viewing the world are simply outdated and, in their view, problematic.

They have, as a result, decided to assume the mantle of the gatekeepers of morality.

As a result, what was once commonly understood as good and evil has been contorted into grotesque parodies of morality. Now, the actions a person might commit are secondary to the responsible party’s identities and motives. In other words, the high priests of progressivism have taken it upon themselves to absolve anyone of their crimes–as long as they belong to the right class of people and hold the right set of viewpoints.

In a society in which every question of justice is a judgement call to be decided by a cadre of leftist intellectuals, the hand on our moral compass never stops spinning. When politics becomes dogma, morality is always the first victim.