On his recent “Tucker Carlson Tonight” appearance, YouTube star Austen Fletcher exposed the blind ignorance of progressive protesters. In a video segment, protester after protester was unable to describe exactly what aspects of the Trump administration they are “resisting.”

Although humorous, the segment serves as frightening proof that some on the progressive left base their unrealistic worldviews on nothing at all.

Differences In Approach

It’s well known that conservatives respect freedom of thought and expression, even from those with whom we disagree. We have the strength of our convictions, to be sure. But we also know that our ideas are meaningless if they cannot withstand to pressure from the marketplace of thought.

By contrast, it seems as though the precepts of leftism are built on the shifting sands of popular opinion. The more uninformed they are, the stronger they seem to cling to emotion and subjective opinion. This becomes increasingly apparent when we witness the violent opposition anyone faces if they dare to question the established narrative on campuses and in other anti-speech zones.

Progressive “Logic” Is Anything But

Exposure, conservatives realize, is the single greatest test of any worldview or philosophy. Maybe that’s why progressives seem to revel in being uninformed.

In a world in which facts are deemed problematic if they conflict with preconceived ideologies, perhaps it’s just easier to remain willfully ignorant. After all, if your worldview is reliant upon disregarding facts, your most cherished leftist dogma is probably safer that way.

Ignorance seems to be the only thing keeping American leftism afloat. Not content with simply reporting facts, fake news outlets understand that they need to distort the truth, or ignore it altogether, in order to maintain the viability of their beliefs.

With all this in mind, perhaps the Washington Post and their fellow obscurers of logic would be better served by changing their motto to the more accurate “Leftism Thrives in Ignorance.”