The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia have revealed an inexcusable hatred in our country. Hundreds of white supremacists and neo-Nazis gathered last week to rally and propagate hatred. When aggressive anti-fascists (Antifa) arrived to protest the rally, violence erupted.

The Problem with the Media

The white supremacists and their rally became far more powerful and damaging to this country than they might have been otherwise, due to the overwhelming amount of media coverage. We should always condemn hatred, but for the event to consume every media outlet for two days only makes the hatred appear more powerful and prevalent than it truly is. In turn, this only deepens the country’s divide.

Furthermore, there are greater threats of neo-Nazism occurring daily, such as the eugenic movement in Iceland to eradicate Down Syndrome through abortion. This form of Nazism is more than just a rally. It is a murderous reality as people attempt to exterminate those that they deem less valuable. This Nazism has not resulted in outrage from all sides, however. In an increasingly nihilistic society, outrage only occurs over the issues that the media chooses to propagate. When the moral high ground erodes, anything goes.

Nihilism is the Root of the Problem

Many people took to Twitter to condemn the acts of hatred in Charlottesville. President Trump also spoke out against the white supremacists in a speech several days later. While condemnation is important, it will never solve the problem or point to a solution.

Matt Walsh, a journalist for The Blaze, tweeted one of the only productive and meaningful statements I saw following the event.

Nihilism is “a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth, especially of moral truth”.  Without the belief in objective morality and universal truth, anything, including white supremacy and eugenics, is permissible. Over the past several years, meaningful religiosity in our country has decreased significantly. As it continues to do so, events like the Charlottesville rally will only grow in number and degree.