Recently, the mob mentality of the far left has led to the destruction of statues that symbolize our nation’s history. Confederate monuments have been destroyed across the United States. Protesters destroyed the statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina and various other locations. A statue of Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery, was ignorantly defaced in Chicago.

Destruction of public property is never the right way to make a point. It is legally and morally wrong. Additionally, it presents the criminals in such a way that discredits their authority on the issues anyway.

In addition to the criminal destruction of statues and monuments, there has been an increase in legally authorized removals. Officials ordered the removal of two statues of Confederate generals from a university in Austin, Texas. The mayor of Baltimore ordered the removal of four monuments signifying the Confederate era. Officials in New Orleans removed four Confederate statues. Statues have also been taken down in Florida, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and others.

As Ben Shapiro noted in a recent CNN interview, there are decent arguments in favor of removing Confederate statues. We should remember the victims of slavery and racism and those who fought against it, rather than those responsible for it. Many of these statues were built and maintained with federal tax dollars, and many taxpayers, understandably, do not want to pay for them. Some on the left have even called for the removal of statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. However, where do we draw the line? As mentioned previously, a statue of the president who abolished slavery has been defaced. What is to keep our Founding Fathers safe?

Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not these statues should remain standing ought to be left to local authorities. But, since we’re on the topic, here are some good reasons why the statues should remain standing.

Removing Mementos Does not Change History

The protesters and leaders who removed these monuments did so because they disagree with the leaders of past. They disagree with the ideologies of those who helped form our nation. Many of our nation’s founders held some unsavory views that we, as a nation, now reject. However, removing reminders of our history does not change our history. Knowing our history, whether good or bad, and commemorating our founders is a vital part of our success moving forward.

Remembering our past mistakes is vital if we are to avoid them in the future. If those on the left do not want to repeat the history they hate, they should point to the mistakes of the past, rather than remove the reminders of them.

Mementos of our history can also remind us of the progress we have made and how we achieved it.

Lastly, the growing disregard for American history reveals a severe ignorance of the significant good America has been to the world. As is true of any nation, American history is not perfect, but it is ours. And, in many ways it is admirable and worth preserving in stone. Refusing to remember the few mistakes of our past does absolutely nothing for our future. No country will ever have a perfect history, and hatred of the past simply undermines the incredible achievements of America.