Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas early this week, and the effects have been devastating. Several people have died, many are injured, and many have lost their homes. This tragic event has catalyzed a sense of unity and charity within our nation. Public figures and people across the nation have provided support and condolences toward the victims of the natural disaster. Several photos of Texans and first responders helping each other and saving lives have gone viral on social media.

In a time of significant division, these moments serve as a vital reminder that most Americans are not hateful rioters and protesters, although keeping up with the media might have you believe so. Many Americans have good hearts and are willing to help those in need.

While Harvey has prompted a sense of unity, it has also given the leftist media another tragedy to politicize.

How Hurricane Harvey Furthers the Climate Change Narrative

John King and Juliette Kayyeem from CNN, claimed that hurricanes are becoming more severe and more frequent as a result of “climate change.” Of course, they failed to provide any evidence of this.

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza and CNN claim that Democrats will experience political gains from Hurricane Harvey, linking the event to global warming.

Twitter activists also cried global warming in the midst of the tragedy. Here is one such example:

To suggest that oil companies are causing hurricanes is completely illogical. Hurricanes have been occurring on the earth for thousands of years. Those that claim climate change is increasing the prevalence of hurricanes must provide significant evidence to support this statement. Otherwise it simply carries no weight. Seeing as the media has not done so, it seems as though they are simply politicizing a tragedy for selfish gain.

Those who link the intensity of Hurricane Harvey to climate change will explain that warmer oceans lead to more water vapor in the air which causes heavier rainfall. While this logic makes sense, the earth’s temperatures have been fluctuating for thousands of years.

There is simply not enough evidence to link stronger hurricanes to global warming caused by human activity as opposed to naturally occurring fluctuations in the earth’s climate.