Donald Trump may have done the cruelest, meanest, most awful thing ever. He kicked a puppy, an innocent puppy. No wait, sorry, I had the wrong noun. It’s not a puppy, it’s a person. Actually, it’s a lot of persons. These persons were brought to the US illegally by their families. They are the Dreamers.

The Dreamers’ status in the US is soon to be imperiled. Over the weekend, President Trump decided to repeal DACA, Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA was enacted by President Obama in 2012, when he decided to delay legal action against those who brought to the US illegally while they were still children.

President Obama had no authority to do this. The Constitution does not allow the president to pick and choose how we will enforce our laws. His duty is to enforce the laws as written, not as he wishes they were. Obama evaded his duty by claiming ‘prosecutorial discretion,’ or better put “I’m not going to enforce the law because I don’t like it.”

The Liberal Response

As expected, the repeal of DACA by the Trump administration, which is due to take place in 6 months, is arousing liberals to a fury of tears and accusations.

Here are just a few of their reactions:

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and his state attorney general recently claimed that, “Dreamers are Americans in every way.”
  • Paul Krugman, an opinion writer for the  New York Times declared for us that  “Trump’s decision to kill DACA – never mind the attempt to obscure things with that meaningless delay – is, first and foremost, a moral obscenity.”
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan moralized, “It’s certainly not Christian, and I would content it’s not American.”
  • Al Sharpton has remarked that Jesus was a refugee, making abolishing DACA the moral equivalent of kicking Jesus in the teeth.

Let’s cut through the nonsense. Al Sharpton doesn’t care about the hurting. If he had, he wouldn’t have sparked an anti-Jewish riot in the 1990s, or have turned the Tawana Brawley rape hoax into a ‘movement.’ Dolan, red hat notwithstanding, has called ISIS the equivalent to the IRA. Sharpton has all the morals of a mafioso, while Dolan is a mushy-minded liberal Catholic. And as for Krugman: how is he qualified to offer moral opinions, isn’t he an economist?

The Constitutional Reality

Apart from these men and their failings as leaders or thinkers, their charges do not stand the test of reason. Laws exist for the good of the Republic, the states, and the people of the states. They are not made just to give Congress something to do.

First, DACA is unconstitutional. The President does not make laws, he enforces them. Obama may have chosen to disobey the law, but that does not justify our doing so. Second, the law cannot be ignored.  Enforcing our laws comes at a cost, to those who do not obey them. We should be sorry for the Dreamers, but we cannot grant blanket amnesty. We must be governed by law, else we will be governed by capricious will.

Potential Solutions

I am not advocating for the general expulsion of every single Dreamer tomorrow. But some plan must be worked out, perhaps to grant citizenship to some, perhaps to none. Another idea I recently came across was this: Allow the Dreamers to stay, but force the family who brought them to the US to leave. All are difficult, but all have a price attached.

Whatever the proper resolution, it will come at a human cost, and that cost is tragic. But whose fault is it? At whose feet does the blame for this problem go? The problem is not Congress’, which passed our immigration laws, nor is it the president’s, whose duty it is to enforce those laws. The problem is the parents of Dreamers who illegally brought them to this country, placing them in legal peril for the rest of their lives.

Now Congress will not be eager to take up the issue of immigration and Dreamers. Our Congress is so spineless that blooms of jellyfish are more substantial than they are. Jellyfish do what they are meant to do; Congress doesn’t.

Trump has done what he can: repeal DACA. Congress, it’s your move.