Whenever I write about campus protests, I can’t help feeling like I’m repeating myself. How many stories of intolerant protesters, violent Antifa members, and presidential death threats do I have to write about?

Well, I am sorry to say, this week’s story deals with the left’s bigotry once more. Let’s dive in.

On Thursday, September 14th, Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of California at Berkeley and held a question and answer session. After the school’s many failed attempts to block Shapiro from coming to speak, he finally did; though, it wasn’t pretty.

As if arresting 9 protesters for banned weaponry charges wasn’t enough, American film producer Tariq Nasheed (among others) blasted Shapiro on Twitter claiming he was a “neo-nazi” and “white supremacist,” despite Shapiro’s Jewish background and faith.

It’s even more ridiculous that the city of Berkeley had to call for heavy police presence. In fact, the city council voted (6 – 3) to allow local police to fire pepper spray at unruly protesters. The school also spent $600,000 to virtually lock the school down.

All of this happened as Berkeley students chanted “Speech is violence!” Sure, it’s the speech that is violent.

If these things are happening, you know the first amendment is under attack:

  1. When an entire city has to hold votes on police response to protest.
  2. Your city has to send heavy law enforcement forces to campus.
  3. Your campus spends over half a million dollars on a virtual lock-down of the school all in preparation for a conservative speaker.

When entire cities (Chicago, Berkeley, and Hollywood to name a few) have to “prepare” for conservative speakers, that is where racism and intolerance lie. Intolerance isn’t a problem for Trump supporters and Republicans, but it is clearly an issue plaguing the far-left and radical progressives.

The Bill of Rights has been protecting our freedom of speech since 1789, and that protection isn’t going anywhere. If you don’t like it, you are free to disagree. That’s your right. But if you fight it with violence, be prepared to face the consequences.