Reports came out this past week accusing Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and a handful of other advisers to President Donald Trump of using private email servers to conduct official government business. On cue, the media and self-made politicos on Twitter lost their collective, groupthink minds: the Trump administration had committed the same grievous error that Hillary Clinton was derided for (and never prosecuted for, much to Trump’s chagrin) over the past two years.

A quick Google search about these reports reveal primarily liberal media outlets basically echoing the groupthink above: Trump and his administration are a bunch of hypocrites. Many of these articles, however, are devoid of actual fact, facts that when examined demonstrate that the case of Clinton’s email scandal is far more egregious than the cases of Kushner, Ivanka, etc.

Here are the facts:

It appears that less than 100 work-related emails were found on Kushner’s private server, and Kushner’s lawyers claim that those emails were largely political in nature, and Jared forwarded these emails to the proper government account.

Regarding Ivanka Trump’s private emails, the watchdog group American Oversight filed a FOIA for her records, revealing a handful of emails about collaborating on a new women’s entrepreneurship initiative.

So, after deriding Clinton for the use of her private email server during the campaign, it’s a ding to Trump that his own advisers have some work on their private email servers. But let’s be real: based on the information that’s been reported, the email correspondence on Ivanka’s and Jared’s private email seem pretty inconsequential. Hillary’s email scandal was miles beyond this.

To summarize Hillary Clinton’s long and drawn out scandal, Clinton handed over 30,490 work related emails from her private server to the State Department. Later, the FBI discovered an additional 14,900 work-related emails from her private server that she did not disclose.

Out of the available emails, 30 contained content regarding the attacks on Benghazi.

Here’s the kicker: about three weeks after the House Select Committee on Benghazi subpoenaed Clinton to hand over emails regarding the investigation into Benghazi, 31,830 emails were conveniently deleted from her private server. Problematic, to say the least.

But beyond speculation about the purposeful deletion of subpoenaed material, out of the emails that FBI obtained, over 2,000 contained classified information.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal involved over 60,000 emails, half of which were deleted, many containing classified information, all on a private server prone to hacking. So, no, a handful of emails containing political commentary and suggestions for supporting women’s entrepreneurship is nowhere near the level of negligence and irresponsibility seen in Clinton’s email scandal.