If you’re a regular Twitter user, or even if you find yourself glued to the 24-hour news cycle, you should probably expect to be on the receiving end of an onslaught of wacky or distressing current events.

If you’re a living, breathing American, the past few months might seem like the most mind-boggling work of fiction to ever emerge from the darkest corners of the internet forum. But it’s real, and some of us are frustrated, some of us are hopeful, some of us are stressed, and, since the madness that was 2016, some of us have adapted to the wild norm of identifying as all three.

It seems that since President Trump has taken office nearly nine months ago, the news has migrated to and nested firmly in nearly every area of our lives. What was previously a way to unwind or escape from the news cycle madness has become just another avenue to discuss or express it.

From the Las Vegas massacre to the unraveling of the Hollywood house of cards, the news is too encapsulating to allow us an escape any time soon. More importantly, there is nothing to indicate that the break-neck speed of news in the age of Trump will abate for at least three more years.

So what are we to do? Most of us can’t simply unplug and withdraw from society, but we can make the choice to focus on what it all means. Cable news has an agenda, whether it’s to bolster a certain political position or just to increase or maintain ratings. It’s up to us, the consumers, to decide how to receive it.

We are an informed and emboldened generation. If cable news can’t solve our problems, or won’t cover them correctly, or simply refuse to acknowledge their existence, then someone, somewhere, will.

Someone will figure it out. Word will spread; and that’s something to be hopeful for.