Randy Barnett of the Federalist Society’s work in political theory — Restoring the Lost Constitution — details how the phrase “We the People” misleads well-intentioned citizens into thinking that the Constitution is legitimized by the assent of all or through the voluntary consent of the governed.

As Professor Barnett points out, this conception of the Constitution and government creates another problem: it tricks well-intentioned citizens into believing that the United States is a democracy.

Now let’s take a moment to digest these thoughts and their political implications.

Let us do this by supposing that the term “democracy” is an intelligible phrase that we all understand, even though a true “democracy”, a direct democracy, has never been tried on a scale as large as America, making the concept unrealistic and impractical for implementation on a national scale.

Further, let us grant that the motives or intentions of those advocating for democracy — and those who believe the phrase “We the People” legitimates the idea that America is a democracy — are good people eager with a sincere concern for other Americans.

With this said, we can begin to really look at what the word means.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term, at it’s original level, literally breaks down into “dēmos”, which means ‘the people’ and “kratia” which means ‘power’ or ‘rule’. So ultimately we’re left with the following understanding: democracy means “people power” or “people rule”.

And what gives people power to rule themselves and others?  Money and capitalismWhich leads us to the following conclusion:  the current characterization concept of democracy is complete and utter nonsense.It is nonsense because the term, in our 21st century level understanding, now appears to refer to capitalism and not the direct voting privileges or entitlements of the masses to vote and always get their way. 

And what makes this the most non-sensical is how often the Democratic Party uses it.  After all, the Democratic Party as we know from the extraordinary level of success of Senator Sanders, is anti-capitalism and pro-socialism.

Thus the term democracy ultimately reduces to this: the Democratic Party’s rhetoric and political non-sense; which is all that needs to be said by responsible citizens living in a republic.