This message is not for everyone. But if you’ve been raised in the Church, or have been born again for quite some time — if you are “churched” — this could be for you.

First thing’s first:  our salvation, followed by our relationship with our Creator, is the most important aspect of our Christian walk and will always come first. However, that doesn’t mean that it should produce a laissez-faire attitude toward how we look and act. This includes behavior that borders on libertine, and a sexually suggestive Instagram — especially when we, as believers, know better.

People may say “well, ultimately it’s about the relationship between us and Jesus Christ. We can’t be so judgmental.” Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that because as Christians, we are not called to condemn fellow believers, but to correct them. The Bible is clear when it says that Christians are to exhort one another.

You Don’t Just Reach By What You Preach

This doesn’t mean that we should don long prairie dresses or wear our hair in an ’80s perm; that would be legalistic and insane. But the concept of modesty matters. Above all, it is about veneration, and it is all over Scripture.

Someone watching a Marvel movie in the theater will not make someone question his or her walk, but someone taking shots at the local bar and posting it online can.

A self-identifying Christian woman posting suggestive images on Instagram can raise many questions, especially to new believers and non-believers. Is this the woman she wants others to believe she was called to be? That would be fine, except that Christ did not die on the cross for us to continue wallowing in meaningless sexuality.

People may listen to you, but they will also judge your presentation. None of us are holy, but if we continue seeking to conform to the image of the world and succumb to the pressure of acceptance, it will radiate from us and we will lose a piece of our witness.