Not even a month ago, Hollywood made it clear that at the Golden Globes that the time for sexual misconduct within the film industry was over. Hollywood cared so much about women that they wore all black and honored Tonya Harding to prove it. This past Sunday saw another round of hypocritical, self-congratulatory celebrity back-patting, this time at the Grammys in New York.

As with the Golden Globes, the Grammys revealed just how hypocritical the entertainment industry still is.

Reading Between The [Head]Lines

As part of their campaign to show their anti-Trump credentials, various celebrities took turns reading excerpts from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Wolff’s book has been roundly criticized for having questionable sourcing, and that it simply plays into confirmation biases.

One excerpt was read by Hillary Clinton. Earlier in the week, news broke that a 2008 Clinton campaign staffer accused Clinton’s faith adviser of sexual harassment. Clinton’s staff advised her to fire him, but she refused. He received counseling and lost several weeks of pay, while his accuser was reassigned to a different post.

Recently, when Wolff appeared on Bill Maher’s show to highlight his book, Wolff insinuated that Trump is currently having an affair. Wolff said that he lacks the “blue dress” to prove it, in reference to Monica Lewinsky. Readers quickly concluded, based on Wolff’s hinting, that Wolff was talking about UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley quickly called the allegations “disgusting” and “highly offensive” and poked holes in Wolff’s “argument,” rendering it nothing more than a headline one would see on  the cover National Enquirer. When called out on this, Wolff said that Haley “seemed to embrace” the rumor.

So, let’s recap. Our self-appointed moral betters read from a badly-researched book written by a guy who, without evidence, accused a minority woman of sleeping her way to the top. However, Hillary Clinton and the celebrity left can laugh it up, because Nikki Haley is a conservative Republican.

Hypocrisy On Stage

Michael Wolff already outed himself as a lousy and unethical journalist with his book. Despite this, celebrity liberals are happy to celebrate his work. However, apparently, he thought it would be best to out himself as a sleazeball as well.

Apparently, sexist attacks on Haley are okay because of who she works for and the letter she had next to her name when she still served as Governor of South Carolina.

Hillary Clinton’s record of telling women to sit down and shut up to advance her own career is nothing new. However, the cult of wanting to see the first female President is still alive and well in Hollywood. It still leaves the left blind to the fact that Hillary was the worst candidate for President in modern history.

Celebrities think they are the country’s moral guiding light. In reality, they are just another bunch of people wearing fancy clothes, giving each other awards on televised programs drawing fewer and fewer eyeballs. All their talk about treating women with respect appears to be cheap. For them, its only the “right” women–or, perhaps, the “left” women–that deserve respect.

So much for #MeToo. The entertainment industry still hasn’t changed.