Tomi Lahren and Nikki Haley pose two drastically different images of politically right-leaning women.

How anyone can view Lahren as a role model is beyond me.

Yesterday, a video posted on her Instagram story showed Lahren calling Joe Kennedy a “limp d*ck.” This was following his response to the State of the Union Address given by President Trump. There were a lot of things wrong with Kennedy’s speech, however, for Lahren to put on such a dramatic display because she disagrees with someone, is embarrassing.

Lahren became famous through One America News, and that pretty much summarizes who she is: a talker. On behalf of women, should our role models be people of talk or people of action? Tomi does far more to harm the public view of conservatives than help it. She is openly pro-choice, allergic to criticizing the President, and continuously calls those who she disagrees with, “snowflakes.”

Nikki Haley, in turn, is a woman who should serve as an example for all conservative women.

As conservative women go, it’s pretty clear that we are (for the most part) big proponents of traditional family life. Included in this is, of course, the gift of children. Nikki Haley is no exception. Along with promoting traditional family values herself, Haley and husband, Michael, have two children, daughter Rena and son Nalin. She didn’t allow the liberal narrative that having children means giving up your dreams to hold her back. Haley became the first female governor to serve in her home state of South Carolina. She was also the second Indian-American to serve as governor in the United States as a whole.

Haley’s time as ambassador to the United Nations has been everything Teddy Roosevelt would’ve wanted when he said, “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” After stating that the U.S. would place our embassy wherever we wanted, Haley took names of those in our support. She stayed true to the style of southern hospitality. Beautifully throwing a banquet for the countries who either voted in support of us or abstained from the vote. This woman of action has displayed both strength and dignity.

Which would you rather see more of: