Once again, the media has shown their true colors as they gushed over North Korea’s centralized authority and statist dictatorship.

The media adores the North Korean cheerleaders, who wear the same outfits and chant things in unison. Daniel Greenfield wrote in Front Page Magazine:

It raves over North Korea’s cheerleaders because they all repeat things in unison. And that is the leftist collectivist ideal.

North Korea has a long history of unified chanting and such; they call them Mass Games. During these ‘games’ tens of thousands of North Koreans, of all ages, take part in synchronized dance and gymnastics performances. The focus of these exercises is the greatness of the nation’s eternal president Kim Il-Sung, its dear leader Kim Jong-Il and their current dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

When the media shows preference for North Koreans, they show their disdain for the South. They show that they wish the world was like North Korea, a world where everything is certain, where a central authority plans everything.

The media fawned over Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, saying that she is ‘stealing the show.’ They call her the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea.” Yet, even Ivanka Trump is able to admit her father’s flaws.

Two years ago, South Korea experienced a political crisis that led to the jailing of their President, Park Geun-Hye, and the peaceful transfer of power to acting president, Hwang Kyo-Ahn, and the subsequent election of Moon Jae-In. I was in South Korea for the protests against President Park, and they were peaceful affairs, conducted according to law. No one was beaten, shot, or locked away for daring to express an opinion. Does the media really believe that North Koreans, don’t protest their Leader because he is perfect? Or is it because they fear for their lives?

Also, if Ms. Kim is the North Korean answer to Ivanka Trump, then why does Ivanka never ‘steal the show?’

What Life is Really Like on the Peninsula

I spent a year living in South Korea, and I admit my bias. But, let’s look at a little data. This NASA picture is blinding evidence of the greatness of the Republic of Korea, in the South. Do you see how the South is lit up like a Christmas tree, while the North is as dark as night? There are several reasons for this.

Here are just a few:

  1. The per-capita GDP of North Korea (2011) was $1,800, South Korea’s (2012) was $32,400. Their economies are not even comparable.
  2. The South has never seen the mass starvation of its own populace. The survivors of the famine of the 1990s in the North have been called the missing generation, over 500,000 people perished.

North Korea is ruled by a family of dictators, who have filled their nation with ideologies so complete that the truth is simply inconceivable. Documentaries filmed in the North show nothing but the Party, the Leader, their ‘truths’ about the evils of capitalism and the imminent threat of the United States. Their people live in terror, striving to avoid breaking a law, though they are still likely to end up in a North Korean gulag for the remainder of their lives.

South Korea is far different. When you walk the streets of Seoul or Busan, and you see healthy, strong people. Beautiful women, handsome men. Students who work hard to succeed, rather than live to serve the state. The cities of the South are filled with lights, life, and freedom. No one is afraid that the police might make an unexpected visit, and armed men are rare.

The scariest thing in North Korea is life in a gulag. The scariest thing in South Korea is an angry Korean boss, and you can avoid those on weekends.

South Korea is a great nation, with a fine, generous, and good people living within her. She is as far superior to North Korea as much as she could possibly be. When the media showers praise upon the Northern representatives, it implies something like disdain for a free and capitalist South. The media should be ashamed.