President Donald Trump is among the highest scoring world leaders with the least amount of fake followers on Twitter.

Analysis from the Eurasia Group using Twitter’s audit tool reveals that Trump beats out the Pope, the Indian prime minister, the president of Mexico, and the social media darling and celebrity, Kim Kardashian, in their follower’s authenticity index.

The Pope has 59 percent of fake followers on twitter, while India’s prime minister, Narenda Modi, has 60 percent. Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has 47 percent of fake followers, while President Trump only has 37 percent of fake followers! Kim Kardashian maintains a whopping 47 percent of fraudulent followers.

Saudi Arabia’s King Mohamed Bin Salman is the only world leader ahead of Trump. He only has an 8 percent fraudulent follower base on Twitter. But until they have a constitutional democracy, I have deep reservations for that low of a number. It’s unverified, but there isn’t a secret law forcing Saudi Arabians to follow him on any social media platform.

So, in a way, Trump wins! And no, this is not a shameless attempt to get retweeted by America’s “tweeter-in-chief.”