Friday afternoon, President Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill passed by Congress early Friday morning. This 2,232 page omnibus bill continues to fund Planned Parenthood, sneaks in gun control, fails to get rid of burdensome Obamacare regulations, and was written behind closed doors without sufficient time to read the bill prior to an official vote in the Senate. You can read the entirety of the reckless, monstrous bill here.

Trump took to Twitter this morning to voice his concerns with the bill. Some of these concerns were: insufficient funding for his border wall, and the lack of action by Democrats on behalf of DREAMers. One tweet from the President early Friday morning actually threatened to veto the bill:

However, late afternoon proved that yet again his actions fall short of his words. This seems to be a growing trend, especially among so-called Republicans in Congress.



Many actual conservatives are extremely frustrated with the lack of transparency, and for the budget-busting spending levels from people who campaigned on conservatism. One of the most vocal opponents is Senator Rand Paul.  Sen. Paul took to Twitter late Thursday night to live-tweet his concerns with the bill, and ended up getting through roughly 600 pages of this massive bill. In his tweets, he mentioned many of his concerns with this bill. Most of his concerns stem from spending too much money, or the government spending money on things it has no business spending money on. Sen. Paul actually participated in a filibuster, but eventually backed down to leadership, allowing the final vote.

The House Freedom Caucus was also very vocal in their opposition to this bill. In an official statement, they said:

Many of the policies in this bill are in fact the opposite of what we promised. This bill barely provides for border security, yet continues to allow federal dollars to flow to sanctuary cities. It includes ‘Fix NICS’ proposal, without including reciprocity for Americans with concealed carry licenses…It also fully funds grants that go to Planned Parenthood while making no changes to reduce Obamacare’s burdensome regulations on America’s families.

The full statement can be found on the House Freedom Caucus Twitter page here.


We have seen a growing trend with Congressional Republicans. On the campaign trail, or when they hold the minority, they are all staunch fiscal conservatives. They constantly rallied behind fighting Obama regulations, spending, and the habit of Democrats to create bills in secret. Yet as soon as they get into office, they do the exact same things they opposed as the minority. Let’s look back to the past year of all 3 chambers being controlled by Republicans:

  1. Secret healthcare bill
  2. Secret tax bill
  3. Secret Omnibus spending bill
  4. Trillion dollar deficits
  5. Funding to Planned Parenthood
  6. Funding to ‘Sanctuary Cities’
  7. Many Obama-era regulations still in place
  8. No border wall, and virtually no progress towards construction
  9. 2nd Amendment rights are slowly being chipped away
  10. Free speech, and Due Process are slowly being chipped away

This is why we need true conservatives. People need to push back, and call out Republicans when they do this nonsense. Conservatives stand for limited government, balanced budgets, federalism, individual liberty, and the Constitution. It is a sad day when Republicans apparently only care about these principles when they are not in a place of power. They can grandstand all they want, but their actions speak much louder than their empty promises ever will.



True conservatives need to stand up, and speak out against the government when these injustices happen. Blind political tribalism is one of the great dangers, and pitfalls of our democracy. Put your faith in ideologies, not political parties and certainly not individual politicians. Stop allowing Republicans to govern like Democrats, legislate in secret, and spend like socialists. The mental gymnastics people go through to justify the actions of Republicans is appalling.

This bill is not only reckless in its spending, but the entire process was absolutely horrendous. Trillion dollar deficits are bad enough, but we have lost something far more valuable than fiscal conservatism. We have lost government transparency. We need to stop standing idly by as politicians directly defy their campaign promises, promote ideologies inconsistent with our own, and participate in immoral actions. Creating legislation in secret is wrong. Creating 2,000+ pages of legislation, and forcing a vote on that legislation in a day is undemocratic. I am unsure why rank-and-file congressmen refuse to talk about this, but We The People will absolutely not be silent.