Language is one of the few places where the left has an almost unmatched advantage. For conservatives, language and semantics are a metric or avenue of expressing an idea, and that’s where it ends. For the left, language is another way to implement an agenda. A word that to most would seem innocent and apolitical is a tool that can be repurposed for the left. The idea of progressivism in and of itself assumes a ‘positive’ point of view, simply because progress is typically a good thing in language. Ambiguity becomes vital to winning an argument, mainly because ambiguity can separate itself from reality.

The Power of Language

“Semantics” typically don’t seem to matter until we realize the gravity of our current situation. Leftists have been working tirelessly to influence words, and they’ve been quite successful. By monopolizing the most effective form of communication to bend to a political perspective, it renders other views dictionally unreliable and immoral. The left seeks reform, not control. They want to provide forward thinking ideas to improve society. Their interest is social justice, and they want to fight for the little guy. Hence, abortion is a women’s rights issue, not genocide.

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

– George Orwell

William F. Buckley Jr. understood the power of language, and that is one reason why Firing Line became a nationwide phenomenon. People show interest when hearing a debate that parlays ideas on equal footing. The modern left gives no room for discussion when it monopolizes the ideas of progress, humanity, and cultural ethics.

Conservatives have always been principled and forward thinking. We’ve always been those seeking the best outcome for our peers and our country. We are the school of thought that places individuality, uniqueness, and private innovation above outdated governmental clumsiness. When there is a place for growth or change, we seek to facilitate the most effective way to promote it.

How To Reclaim Language

When leftists attack us for ignoring low-income minority communities, our responses shouldn’t be stale and outdated. We should argue passionately that our ideas are compassionate, caring, and ethical. By removing government imposed economic stagnation, we give minority groups the resources and employment opportunities that they depend on for success.

We care about the minority family that’s been a target of economic racism by an extremist governor like Jerry Brown and his cronies. We see their homes, their families, and their feelings of fear when they physically can’t drive to work because of fuel taxation.

The language of the left seeks to hijack kindness for lies, to make Orwell’s world one inch closer to reality, and to attack the truth. They turn generosity into a subsidy, where love is forsaken for tribalism, and anyone who disagrees is a bigot. Conservatives should highlight these vital discrepancies whenever leftists use twisted language.

Reclaiming language must be at the center of the discussion in winning over our peers. Sharing why conservatism cares and how it builds others up gives the best ideas the best chance of success. Let’s win this war of words, because those who disagree with us aren’t stopping any time soon.