Espionage is, by definition, a secretive business. Sometimes, the greatest intelligence achievements or most daring operations are not known until decades after the fact. However, some operations–usually ones that result in a treasure trove of vital intelligence–are disclosed relatively quickly and deliberately.

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a roughly 20-minute presentation on recently acquired Iranian atomic archives from such an operation.

To his right was a PowerPoint presentation, complete with Iranian documents, photographs, videos, and scientific computer simulations. To his left was a bookshelf full of binders and a wall of CDs, all representing the captured materials.

Netanyahu’s presentation briefly summarized the contents of over half a ton of archives. He explained how Iran transferred its research archives to what, on the outside, appeared to be a “dilapidated warehouse” in the Shorabad District in Tehran. Somehow, Mossad got over 55,000 pages and 183 CDs worth of information out of Iran. The collection has to be one of the greatest, most successful intelligence heist in world history.

The information laid out detailed proof that Iran had been developing nuclear weapons under a program called Project Amad from 1999-2003. This directly contradicts claims by Iranian authorities that they never had such a program. Netanyahu showed clips of various Iranian officials denying the existence of a weapons program. Most of these speakers were people who President Obama, Ben Rhodes, and the rest of the echo chamber insisted where “moderates.”

In 2003, at the order of then-Minister of Defense and current National Security Council Director Ali Shamkhani, Project Amad was converted into a dual-purpose program. Project Amad, in its new form, would involve both overt and covert nuclear capabilities. The project head at the time, Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, said the goal of the new program would be to carry out “special activities… under the title of scientific knowhow development.”  Netanyahu went on to explain that this “scientific knowhow development” is today carried out by SPND, an organization inside of the Iranian Ministry of Defense. This new program just so happens to be headed by Dr. Fakhrizadeh, and is staffed by key personnel from Project Amad.

Netanyahu also used the captured information to show how Iran lied to the IAEA in 2015 about the history of its nuclear program, despite the fact that coming clean was a prerequisite for the deal.  For those who say Iran has been living up to its end of the deal, we now have solid evidence that they actually have not.

As for former Obama Administration officials, they say that Netanyahu presented nothing new and that if anything this proves the need for the deal.  This is some odd reasoning.  Team Obama is also arguing that they knew Iran was run by liars, but we must still sign a deal that is designed around the premise that Tehran’s “moderates” can be trusted and can become a fully functioning member of the “community of nations.”

The echo chamber has a bad habit of rewriting the history of the Iran Deal, but in case anyone doubts Netanyahu’s assertion about Iran having to come clean about its history as a prerequisite for the deal, John Kerry told Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif the same thing back in 2015.  He also made the same assertion in a 2015 interview with PBS, where he said, “It will be done” because “it has to be.”

If Team Obama knew that Iran lied then they just admitted to capitulating on yet another point of contention between the US and Iran.  It would also be true that they then lied to the American people about Iran living up to the terms of the deal, because the deal, according to Kerry’s own position, should never have been implemented.  If they did not know that Iran lied to the IAEA in 2015, then Netanyahu did in fact provide new information on Monday.

Netanyahu also informed the world of the existence of the secret compound in Tehran, which is a huge revelation.  Anybody who thinks that international inspectors would win access to that compound and its safes, even if they knew it existed, is either a fool or a liar.  The existence of the compound shows that they kept their nuclear weapons research, could continue researching clandestinely, and that when the deal sunsets it would not take much effort to restart work on nuclear weapons, something critics of the deal have been saying for years.

The acquisition of Iran’s atomic archives show not only that Iran has repeatedly lied.  In the meantime, Iran receives billions dollars in sanctions relief and direct payments from the US, not to increase the quality of life in Iran, but to fund terrorism and advance their quest for regional hegemony in the Middle East, something Kerry admitted.  It shows that Obama should never have trusted Iran, even its so-called “moderates.”