The left is at it again. The constant escapades of victimhood and mob mentality have become a normal occurrence in our society, with Utah high school senior Keziah Daum being the most recent victim of the left’s intolerance. Her prom dress sparked a large debate over “cultural appropriation” on Twitter, with many news outlets and political activists speaking out on both sides on the issue. Even people from mainland China chimed in to support Daum for the portrayal and appreciation of their culture. The dress was a red cheongsam, also known as a qipao — the high-collared, form-fitting traditional Chinese dress. A tweet from an “offended” young man is what initiated the debate on the “appropriation” of Chinese culture.


 Cultural appropriation is “a concept in sociology dealing with the adoption of the elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture. It is distinguished from equal cultural exchange due to the presence of a colonial element and imbalance of power.”

Yes, you read that correctly. It is essentially when a member of a “dominant culture”(white person) adopts an aspect or element of a minority culture. So it is not as if they are saying that everyone should just stay in their own corner and never assimilate other cultures whatsoever, it is only when white people adopt cultural elements of others does it become problematic. It is a double standard based solely on the color of one’s skin.

This is, by definition, racism.

In fact, the Met Gala has revealed the racist double standard of the left. The same people who attacked Daum, are now obsessing over Rhianna’s dress, which depicts the Pope. Is this cultural appropriation of Catholicism, or religion? Of course not, according to the left.


We hear a lot about cultural appropriation from the left, but it is not inherently a bad thing. Blatant disrespect of another person’s culture is troubling, regardless of which culture is being offended. However, the influence, celebration, and portrayal of other cultures is not a bad thing by any means. In fact, it is crucial to the growth and success of a “melting pot” country like America.

With 300 million people spanned across 50 states, America is the freest, most diverse country in the world. We have more languages, culture, and lifestyles than anywhere else on Earth. We are proud of this, and rightfully so. But we didn’t get here without “appropriating” other cultures.

Imagine if Chuck Berry didn’t appropriate rock ‘n roll music and tear through the label of “race music.” Imagine if artists and painters were not able to depict other cultural styles across the world to influence the awareness and national appreciation of the respective cultures. The influence, adoption, and innovation of culture does not inherently disrespect them, it puts them in the national spotlight and drastically boosts their admiration and appreciation.

Even though the leftist outrage mob has taken the word and turned it into a nonsensical double standard of victimhood, we can thank cultural appropriation for America’s rich cultural diversity. If we ignore these phony gate keepers of culture, we will continue to progress and stay the greatest, freest nation on Earth.