Last Friday, police in the British city of Leeds arrested Tommy Robinson, who is one of the most outspoken critics of Islam in the UK. He vehemently loves freedom and hates to see what Muslim radicals are doing to his country. As if these unpopular views were not enough, Tommy is also working-class, as you can tell if you’ve ever watched one of his videos. So we have a working-class English patriot and lover of freedom, who cries out in the wilderness of British media, against its complicity in Islamic crimes.

Tommy was arrested on the steps of the Leeds courthouse. A few hours later he was committed to prison for a previously suspended sentence. He may be imprisoned for as long as 13 months. But why is he being treated so harshly?

Robinson’s “Crime”

He was reporting on the trial of a group of Islamic sexual groomers, men who prepared young girls for sexual abuse by other Muslims. Such grooming gangs have been active in the UK for twenty years. In Rotherham alone, from 1997 to 2013, at least 1,400 girls were raped. One author has posited that between 100,000 and one million girl’s lives have been ruined. For years British police refused to investigate or prosecute such crimes, out of fear of being called racist or Islamophobic.

Tommy’s spent years decrying such cowardice by the very authorities established to protect British subjects. Their failure made Tommy necessary because the British establishment wants to be good members of the Left. They are already working to smear Tommy and his supporters.

The Daily Mail calls Tommy ‘EDL founder,’ which is true, he did found the English Defense League. Robinson founded the League to organize protest against Islamic activists and to oppose so-called ‘sharia patrols’ who would harass pedestrians who didn’t comport with Muslim teaching. Tommy worked ‘to keep out extremists and racists,’ from the EDL. But the EDL eventually ended after being inundated with racial extremists. Tommy quit the group he founded in October of 2013. For the Daily Mail to identify him with the EDL is misleading at best, and may even be a distortion, meant to lead readers to assume Tommy is still a leader of the EDL and thus, a racist.

The Independent has called Tommy ‘far-right,’ noting that protests on Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister, were, ‘Furious followers, mainly white men.’ Anger is usually something the press enjoys. They love angry blacks, demanding equality, they adore raging feminists who hate men. Being angry over something actually bad is something to be dismissed with a wave of the hand.

Suppression of the Press

Tommy’s situation has not improved since his arrest. The court has ordered a total press ban on all discussion of Tommy’s arrest or his case. British news sites were forced to pull all their stories. Bruce Bawer has recounted how, in a matter of hours, links he received from British friends became dead-ends. This has silenced the few critical voices in the UK.

YouTube commentator Sargon of Akkad (AKA Carl Benjamin) said in a recent video that he is unable to discuss Tommy’s case, because he has to look out for his family and stay out of jail. Instead, he discussed the prevalence of radical Muslim gangs in prisons, prisons like the one where Tommy Robinson is incarcerated. Sargon said he’s ‘jealous as hell of you guys in America, you don’t know how lucky you are.’

The Rights of an Englishman?

How did the UK come to this? A man who challenges Islam and its threat to Western liberty is now imprisoned, in what some are calling a plan to get him? Where is the freedom of speech to challenge the narrative on Islam? The UK establishment has apparently decided that an ordinary Englishman is too threatening to have walking the street. But they have no problem allowing ISIS jihadis back into the country or allowing the continued rape of British girls.

Pusillanimous, cowardly, weak, pathetic; does the English language boast of any words strong enough to condemn the English leaders of today? Certainly, they will ignore the most powerful invective against them. They are safe in their own minds and can ignore outside voices. Perhaps the word that best describes the British leaders of today is traitor. They have become traitors to their own history, their liberties, their children, and to Tommy Robinson.