Crime skyrocketed when countries in the European Union allowed millions of undocumented migrants into their countries. The EU adopted an open door policy that led to this issue. Numerous side effects are attributed to allowing immigrants in from Muslim majority countries, and Europeans have decided enough is enough.

National Responses

France has already been dealing this issue: Marine Le Pen, who wanted to temporarily stop all immigrants from coming into France, almost defeated Emmanuel Macron last year. But other parties who take a hard stance on illegal immigration have continued to grow in popularity elsewhere in Europe.

Italy’s right won in their recent election. The Right Wing Coalition and the Five Star Movement–both against illegal immigration, which is a popular voting issue–won the majority of votes.

Germany is currently in crisis over its immigration policy. Angela Merkel adopted an open-door policy back in 2015. Rather than help, however, it resulted in a rise in crime. A study was done that linked a 10.4 percent increase in violent crime with the arrival of new immigrants.

Citizens have become fed up, and now Merkel’s government may be destroyed over the issue. The crisis comes as Merkel refused to sign a migration plan that would allow Germany to refuse refugees that have applied for asylum in other European Union countries.

A Broader Solution

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to form an axis with Germany and Italy to fight illegal immigration and enforce tighter borders. He and his supporters want the EU to adopt more restrictive border policies. Kurz believes Europe needs to move to the right on immigration: it is what citizens want, and is on their minds when they head to the polls.

Politicians need to stop virtue-signaling to their citizens and start listening to them instead. Europeans want a tougher approach to immigration. They see the downfalls and dangers of the current immigration policies and want more politicians to step up. If politicians don’t listen, they will be booted out.