In just five months, Americans will go to the polls again in the 2018 midterm elections. There are several key Senate races this fall, and it currently looks like the Republicans can keep their slight majority. However, Democrats are hard at work trying to shake things up, and President Trump also isn’t satisfied with the current balance of the Senate.

The polls are sure to change from now until November. For now, there are several states that are looking interesting.

North Dakota

Incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp faces off against Republican Kevin Cramer. Polling currently shows Cramer with a slight lead over Heikamp. Heikamp has been the Senator of North Dakota since 2013, and shares many of the mainstream Democrat views.

Trump won North Dakota by nearly 40 points. This is a heavily Republican state, but the contestants’ relationships with Trump make it interesting. Trump considered Heikamp for a cabinet position, and rumor has it Trump also asked her to switch parties. Cramer, on the other hand, is already a close Trump ally.

Trump will be in North Dakota on June 27th to campaign for Cramer


In Indiana, Businessman Mike Braun faces Joe Donnelly.

Many claim that Donnelly is a moderate Democrat. However, his voting record tells a different story: Donnelly votes alongside Chuck Schumer 85% of the time. Trump has nicknamed Donnelly “Sleeping Joe” and “Swamp person.”

Mike Braun is a strong candidate to run against Donnelly. He came out on top in a tough primary, and is looking to use that momentum to win in November. Braun built up a successful Indiana business and is positioned as an outsider, ready to go to Washington to help “drain the swamp.”

This is a seat that Democrats are vulnerable to lose. Donald Trump won Indiana by 19 points, and has already campaigned for Braun. Indiana is also the home state of Vice President Pence. Indiana will be a toss up, and will likely end up being decided by only a few points.


Republicans are looking to defend a seat in Nevada, as incumbent Dean Heller faces off against Democrat Jacky Rosen. 

Democrats see this as one of their best shots to take back the Senate. Elizabeth Warren, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, spoke at the Nevada Democratic State Party Convention. She attacked Trump during her speech, which she hopes will help Rosen win in November.

This is also the only race that has a Republican Senator defending a seat in a state that Hillary Clinton won.


Missouri is home to another vulnerable incumbent. Trump won the state by nearly 20 points, which is cause for concern for Senator Claire McCaskill as she takes on Josh Hawley.

Josh Hawley is a young face for the Republican Party. He describes himself as a constitutional conservative. Hawley is the current Missouri Attorney General, and is an ideal candidate to take on McCaskill.

Many see this as the toughest race for Democrats. McCaskill is trying to distance herself from the Democratic party to try to attract more voters. This didn’t stop her, however, from voting against the Republican Tax Cut Bill and calling for gun control.

Given just how many seats are in play, November is shaping up to be a hotly contested election.