In 1871, the National Rifle Association was formed to “promote and encourage” rifle shooting. Today, millions have been educated by NRA chapters nationwide on the safety and performance of guns.

Despite the NRA’s noble origins, the media continuously hammers it. Many media figures use emotional arguments, not facts, to press their attack.

Unfortunately for the media, the facts are on the NRA’s side. Several of the most commonly spread myths can be easily busted.

1. The NRA Is Funded By Real People–Not Just The Wealthy

People think of the NRA as being a wealthy man’s operation, but this isn’t entirely true. Around 14 million people consider themselves members, but 5 million of these people are actually official paying members. These members, along with some donors, contribute the roughly 450 million dollars the organization brings in yearly.

People become members of the NRA for many reason, including so that the group can lobby politicians to protect our Second Amendment rights. But when media figures attack the group, they forget that they are also attacking the average people who pay dues just to help preserve their rights. 

2. The NRA Isn’t a Top Political Spender

The NRA spent a little over $5 million last year on lobbying. This is a big amount of money, but they are far from the dominant spending force they are painted as in the media. Other lobbying groups spend north of $50 million annually.

All politicians receive money from lobbyists to some extent. However, gun control advocates unfairly target the NRA’s lobbying just because of the organization’s purpose. Their influence comes largely from their reputation, not their money. Conservatives know and respect what the group tries to do.

3. The NRA Doesn’t Promote Mass Shootings

Many vocal liberal critics of the NRA have tried to suggest that the group somehow supports or condones mass shootings. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

No NRA member has ever committed a mass shooting. This is because the group’s members respect, and are educated about, firearms. None would want to abuse their rights to harm others.

Moreover, an NRA member has actually personally stopped a mass shooting on at least one occasion.

After a deranged individual opened fire in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, former shooting instructor Stephen Willeford stopped him with an AR-15. Willeford risked his life to stop the shooter and chase him down. If it hadn’t been for Willeford’s training, the situation could have gone very differently, and even more people than the 26 who were killed could have also wound up dead.

4. The NRA Has Battled Racism–Not Supported It

Some on the progressive left have even tried to accuse the NRA of being racist. This is entirely divorced from history.

The NRA helped black people fighting against the Ku Klux Klan. In order to protect themselves against the Klan, the organization granted NAACP leader Robert F. Williams a charter. This helped Williams repel numerous KKK attacks.

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, once said

With our unyielding dedication to preserving the Second Amendment, the NRA has long been fighting the covert racism of “gun control.” Even today in some cities, gun banners target Hispanics and African-Americans.

* * *

This information may come as a surprise to many due to the constant negative media coverage. It is important to dig through the media bias to the actual facts. If you find the truth–especially about the NRA–it may surprise you.