Conservatives are right to be optimistic and even joyful about the possibility that Roe may be overturned in the near future. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh may put, although uncertain, such a victory within reach of those who yearn for justice for our nation’s unborn.

But conservatives, while cheering this, must remind themselves of all the work that has yet to be done to fight for a widespread pro-life American Zeitgeist. We have tasks in the political, cultural, and interpersonal realms.

So what will “victory” on the issue of abortion actually look like?

Political Victory

First, work in the political realm does not end; it begins. Once Roe is gone, the issue of abortion rightfully falls to the states. Each state must create just laws that make abortion illegal. Political activism, as well as work in the following areas of culture and relationship, will be needed to make sure these laws pass. The goal should be all fifty states, not just the two dozen or so where passing pro-life laws will be relatively easy.

Moreover, conservatives must pass more than just anti-abortions laws. States should also be passing laws that make being a parent and keeping children easier. Reforming our adoption system and working on paid family leave frameworks are a good start.

Cultural Victory

Second, conservatives must regain culture in winsome ways. Our minds are constantly inundated with individualistic, Western messages that says that one’s choice, one’s autonomy, is the greatest good. This pro-choice message pervades everything. Let us eradicated “Be true to yourself” and other irresponsible ideas, replacing them with messages that prize life, responsibility, and family.

Final Victory

Finally, it is the responsibility of all pro-life people to change our nation one person at a time.

When Roe v. Wade is overturned, America will not become pro-life. A Supreme Court ruling will not flip a switch in the minds and hearts of millions of Americans who are pro-choice. It will not erase the pro-choice individualism rampant in our culture. Nor will it even make abortion illegal.

No ruling, no law, and no billboard can change hearts and minds. Inter-personal relationships do that. Loving and patient conversation, not hostile derision, change those who hold reprehensible beliefs.

When the Supreme Court overturns Roe, pro-life work continues. We have much to do to make this nation pro-life. We have, as a nation, proven that we can overcome horrible injustices and heal. It will take time and work and hope, but we can bend this world closer to justice.