The Democratic Party of today is a study in contradictions. Currently, it lays claim to a number of groups that have almost nothing in common. Indeed, a fair few have wildly contradicting interests. Minority, as it turns out, does not equal monolithic. As a result, these inherent contradictions have necessitated a course of action that Democrats are trying and failing to disguise with “intersectionality.”


You’ll not hear it chanted at marches or championed by 2020 hopefuls, but prioritization remains the driving mechanism of the Democrats’ intersectional alliance. How else could Jews smile and nod placidly while anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour continue to gallivant about in Democratic circles? Who decided that poor, American workers (often Hispanic and Black) fall behind illegal immigrants?  What happened to all the religious Muslims that might have something to say about abortion and  homosexuality? Prioritization.

Now, for some, prioritization is seen as a necessary, but temporary evil. “Addressing society’s ills requires patience,” they say, earnestly echoing Democratic platitudes. These unfortunate people have undoubtedly been studiously shutting up in the hope that one day, it will be their turn to stand in the intersectional sun.

That day is not going to come. If you’re looking for a proof, look no further than Asian-Americans.

Model Minority? Not A Priority.

Deemed the “model minority” in the 1960s, Asian-Americans have risen rapidly through the ranks of American society. Today, their households have the highest income, and their students have the highest graduation rate. Additionally, the percentage of Asian-Americans that are incarcerated is so low, numerous reports leave them out entirely.

These hard-earned successes are glaring proof that the Democratic motto, “only white men can succeed in America,” is patently false. However, Democrats have refused to concede that their entire premise has a gaping, Asian-American-shaped hole. Democrats have not only ignored the nation’s most prosperous demographic, they have attempted to stymie their success.

Every Asian-American over the age of twelve knows about Affirmative Action. For them, “institutional racism” is not a boogeyman floating in the ether. It is a reality. Why? Because discrimination for the sake of “diversity” is apparently a perfectly acceptable practice. In truth, if merit ruled and the “asian tax” went away, the admissions rate for Asian applicants would more than double at many elite universities.

But Democrats are silent, and understandably so. With Asian-Americans safely stuck in their intersectional web, the party has prioritized other groups. They have rationalized and defended Asian discrimination for over fifty years, doing nothing more than occasionally coming to the aid of leftists like Sarah Jeong.

Moral of the story: if they have your loyalty, you are not a priority. And if they can rationalize subjugating your interests once, they’ll never stop.

Loyalty to All is Loyalty to None

Democrats have chosen to wed themselves to intersectionality. In doing so, they have become incapable of fidelity to even one of the groups they claim to represent. Women. African-Americans. Hispanics. LGBTQ+. Muslims. Asians. They all have competing interests that make it impossible to form consistent values and cogent arguments.

Instead, Democrats pick and choose who to value and who to defend. Whichever contingent inevitably gets shafted is expected to take it like a good comrade until their turn comes around–maybe.

This is the reality of intersectionality. It is shrewd. It is devaluing. It is exploitative. And until they recognize this, the people that power the Democratic Party will continue to be a minority—not a priority.