The latest news from our southern border is not good. On Sunday, hundreds of would-be immigrants accosted the border post at Ysidro. The group came through Tijuana demanding immediate entry to the United States. Many were waving flags of foreign nations. Others were shouting “yes we can” while pushing at the border fence. Border patrol agents were forced to use tear gas to break up the crowds. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has stated, “DHS will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons.”

This is just the latest episode in the crisis of migrant caravans, moving in their hundreds and thousands across Mexico toward the United States.

The Legal Reality

However much we may wish for the border to close, incoming persons with a legal claim have to be let in. President Trump has become so frustrated by this that he has threatened to close the border permanently. However, many scholars and commentators, including Fox News’ Judge Napolitano, have stated that the President does not have the authority to do so.

This isn’t the only tactic that the administration is trying to use to limit the migrant caravans’ access to the US. The administration has attempted to establish a new “Remain in Mexico” policy. Under this policy, people seeking to enter the US from Mexico must remain in Mexico until their claims are processed. It remains to be seen whether this will withstand legal challenge.

Who’s Really The Bad Guy Here?

One journalist has tweeted that a group called BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) is disseminating a pamphlet, in English and Spanish, to try to force the issue of the border. In this case, they want to force it open for all. Their pamphlet extols “this exodus to freedom.” They claim to be escaping the “rampant violence” of gangs, as well as a “lack of opportunities.” It claims to follow the Civil Rights legacy of America: “The immigrant rights movement is our new civil rights movement and our historic freedom march is on the move, its time for people in the US and Mexico to join.”

But wait. Isn’t the history of America a history of sexism, racism, misogyny, discrimination and the evils of capitalism? Wasn’t the Constitution written to defend slavery? Hasn’t big business been allowed to pull the strings on government at all levels, thereby compromising our democracy? Isn’t America’s democracy really a fake democracy, since voter rights still aren’t secure in the case of minority groups in the US today?

Why are all these people coming here if we’re so evil?

Why are the migrant caravans going to the United States and not to Venezuela? Isn’t Venezula run by Spanish speakers, and not by evil Anglos? Isn’t it a socialist paradise?

But they don’t go to Venezuela, where the economy is in shambles and people have to resort to eating cats. Instead, they come here to the US.

The Truth Behind The Caravan

This episode demonstrates a simple truth that we in the West have long known. It is one that the Left tries to deny, but that even it tacitly acknowledges when it demands open borders.

Simply put, this truth is that the United States is superior as a nation to our southern neighbors.

America’s flaws are many, but our virtues are also great. We are so generous that we have allowed legal migration from the whole world for decades. We have also permitted many of those immigrants to become reliant upon our state-run welfare networks. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, using data drawn from the 2010 Census, 57% of migrant households, illegal and legal, are on at least one welfare program, compared with 39% of native-born households. The highest use of welfare by immigrant households are those from…Latin America.

A Battle For The Future

Our border battles are proving several things. The Right wants to control who’s coming in and for how long. We largely do so out of sincere concern for the future of the several States of the Republic, not out of racial animus. The Left, by contrast, wants to ignore the issue of borders. They want to fulfill Bertolt Brecht’s idea of the government dissolving one people and electing another.

Ironically, the flood of people trying to enter our country is a compliment upon it. But we must set that aside, and state the obvious. There is not a natural right to enter the United States, and these migrant caravans should still not be allowed to enter illegally.

Conservatives and libertarians both must battle these attempts to turn America into something unrecognizable.