There’s been a fascinating switch within the last few generations of helicopter parents. The definition (and expectation) of a liberal is to advocate for freedom for everyone while conservatives are hesitant for change and innovation. In terms of a helicopter parent, you’d generally assume that conservatives are much more likely to be on. This was true for a long time, until recently.

Mark Oppenheimer’s article labels current liberal helicopter parenting as a new form of “puritanism” because of their obsession with keeping their children’s lives “pure”. I am not a parent, but I do teach preschool and I am working towards teaching older students. I totally understand wanting to keep your kids safe and wanting them to have an easier, less stressful life.

Oppenheimer continues to make the point that he does not understand why “progressive” parents are enforcing their kids to eat vegan when they could be concerning themselves with how to end poverty in the United States. Liberal helicopter parents have become reactionary. They’ve begun to change how young people see themselves.

Psychology Today quotes many studies regarding over-parenting, saying that it creates people who are more anxious and narcissistic, have under developed coping skills, and are over-dependent on their parents.

Young people have a hard time taking on the responsibility of adulthood because of their parents doing it for them.  There has been a rising trend of the term “adulting.” The etymology of the word is seen through its use by young people anywhere from ages 16 through 30. It’s used nearly anytime someone has done something that is an expected responsibility. For example, #adulting gets slapped on a Facebook post about talking to the receptionist on the phone to schedule a doctor appointment or having to pay the utility bill every month.

Every parent wants their child to become independent, but the Puritan helicopter parents have invaded their children’s development. In an article from The Atlantic, titled The Controversy Over Parents Who Eat Lunch With Their Children at School, parents argue that eating lunch with their kids at school is the quality time they get with them. Schools claim that the practice is incredibly disruptive. It’s interesting to note that these parents have no time to spend after school because their kids are scheduled to death with sports, rehearsals, homework, etc.

The problem with helicopter parenting seems to be getting worse. The Federalist posted an article about a mom who is trying to force transgenderism on her six-year-old son. Young people feel much more entitled and it had completely changed our culture, making it harder for them as they learn to become responsible adults.