The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy. This does not mean that the organization will die and stop functioning, but it does indicate that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Organization is in need of saving.

The Problems

The financial problems for the Scouts arise from settlements paid to victims of sexual abuse by adults within the organization. The list of such abuses is long.

Meanwhile, membership issues have plagued the organization, meriting a Wikipedia page. After announcing that it would allow girls with gender dysphoria to join the Boy Scouts, the organization opened membership to all girls. “Boy” has since been dropped from “Boy Scouts.” The “evolution” of the BSA on various social issues came during a long decline in membership in giving. However, BSA’s 2017 annual report indicates that membership and revenue are both up from 2016.

Amid both sexual abuse scandals and destructive institutional policies, Boy Scouts of America may find itself losing support over the coming years. While some declare that we should let the organization “fade into obscurity,” others may pull their kids out of the organization and stop giving money because they disagree ideologically with the social steps taken by BSA.

The Solutions

Boy Scouts of America may not believe it needs saving. With girls joining, revenues and membership will continue to rise in the short-term. By using a bankruptcy filing, the organization could muddle through its settlement woes and survive.

However, money and membership will not save the Boy Scouts. BSA needs saving in a moral sense. By encouraging girls with gender dysphoria to join, the organization presently facilitates child abuse. By allowing all girls to join, the organization abandons its unique societal contribution and institutional identity. It also harms organizations like the Girl Scouts. Most importantly, the organization has not taken any steps to show that it will protect children from pedophiles. Rather, it has done just the opposite with the “evolution” of its policies.

The Boy Scouts can have all the money and members in the world and still cease to be the good, upright, and helpful organization it historically has been. Only by reversing all of its progress in the wrong direction can the organization hope to be saved.