I have always been fond of the analogy relating the United States to a melting pot; an analogy really embraced and preached in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. It truly is the best way to describe the unification and assimilation of the many diverse cultures immigrating to, and living within, the United States. With this concept, I like to picture a Hispanic man eating sushi, a Japanese woman wearing a sombrero, an Italian man practicing yoga, and at the end of the day, no one bats an eye because of how normal and appropriate it is. After all, cultures need to be taught, celebrated, embraced, and shared.

However, long gone are the days where this can happen so nonchalantly. In an attempt to advocate for diversity, the left has done everything but. With made-up terms and phrases like cultural appropriation, white privilege, toxic masculinity, and an overuse of all of the “phobia” terminologies, liberals have made our melting pot more of a salad. Yes, we are all in the same bowl, but we are separated by food groups, and obviously so. It is easier to see our differences today rather than the more abundant similarities we share. Continuing to pander to this division by Democratic politicians could prove to be dangerous in the future

The far-leftist base, and some of their elected officials and community leaders, have recently practiced segregation, cultural isolation, and blatant racism in the name of equality and ethnic diversity; and I would venture to say that most of them are not even aware they are doing so. No one can get through a Halloween anymore without telling white children they can’t dress up like non-white Disney characters. I really knew there was an attack on the melting pot when Harvard hosted a blacks-only graduation; a headline that would’ve been thought to come from the 1950’s.

When anyone tries to prescribe to a different form of diversity that celebrates all races and identities and judges people based on their character and not identity politics, like a melting pot, the left will rush to condemn you of racism and bigotry. I know that there has been a sense of disunity on both sides of the aisle. However, I only see the frequent practice of identity politics on the left. I urge all of us to continue pushing for a mixed, not-so-black and white culture that shares foods and stories and songs and clothing.

America is a melting pot, don’t order the salad.