In a recent protest in Portland, Antifa protestors attacked journalist Andrew Ngo. Ngo isn’t a conservative, he isn’t straight, and he isn’t white. He’s gay, an editor for Quillette, and an independent journalist. He’s covered Antifa in Portland several times before, but this time, things went badly.

Physical–And Chemical–Attack

In this clip published by the Oregonian, you can see Ngo being attacked by Antifa members at a protest. Ngo was also doused with a “milkshake.” According to Portland police, however, the substance poured on him was actually mixed with quick-setting concrete.

For those who haven’t worked with concrete, it’s nasty stuff when wet. If it gets on your skin, it can result in a rash, and will lead to peeling and ulcers if left alone. I’ve seen concrete burns first-hand, and they’re not pretty. Quick setting concrete is worse still, because it dries to the skin quickly.

This is gross tactic. It’s hard to see a difference between Antifa dousing a man with concrete, and Islamists using acid. The latter is more harmful, but only by a matter of degrees.

A History of Violence

This isn’t the first time Antifa has done something vile. Their history for the last two years has been a litany of self-righteous violence, attacks on people they don’t like, and attempts to silence journalists and critics.

Starting in February 2017 Antifa protested a speech at Berkley by master provocateur Milo Yiannapoulos. An Antifa member stated, “We won’t put up with the violent rhetoric of Milo, Trump or the fascistic alt-right.” Lovely sentiment, with about as much reason to it as a gun in your face.

In September of that same year, Antifa protested Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro. The price tag for security that evening came to an astonishing $600,000. To avoid damage to property, businesses in the area closed early, and a nearby bank boarded up its ATM.

Antifa also targeted Tucker Carlson in 2018. They posted his home address online, then proceed to protest outside his home. Tucker wasn’t home at the time. His wife and son had to endure a crowd of black-clad men and women shouting, “Tucker Carlson we will fight. We know where you sleep at night!” They then cracked his front door, which forced Carlson’s wife and child to hid in a pantry until the mob dispersed.

An Apathy Problem

Now Andy Ngo has been assaulted. He suffered bruises to his face and a brain hemorrhage. And here’s the best part of this sordid story: no one cares.

Few in the mainstream media care about this story. CNN anchor Brian Stelter mentioned it, albeit very briefly, but he was a rare exception. Mainstream journalists aren’t reporting it, decrying it, or even murmuring against an attack on a fellow journalist.

This is the same media that idolizes the self-important Jim Acosta in his “resistance” to Trump. These same journalists hate it when Trump denounces CNN as “fake news,” and don’t understand why so many citizens mistrust them. They complain when liberal journalists are even criticized by the President or anyone else. But when it comes to Antifa, all their solidarity goes out the window.

Some, perhaps, are even sympathetic to Antifa’s cause. In a study conducted by analyst Eoin Lenihan, out of 15 national-level journalists who are deeply connected with Antifa and its leaders, not a single article was found to be critical of Antifa. This shouldn’t be the case. Antifa has committed a range of crimes, and honest journalists should be the first to call that out.

Free Pass for Me, Not For Thee

Some are arguing that Ngo’s assault is being ignored because he’s right-wing. As far as I can tell, he’s not. He’s independent, and good on him for being so.

His case is being ignored because it involves a group the media likes. Those who did speak about it it denounced Ngo, who is of Vietnamese descent, as being a white-supremacist, a fake journalist, and an Islamophobe. Some even accused him of provoking the attack simply by showing up.

Antifa is the violent edge of the Left today; seeing the media ignore its crimes is nothing short of frightful. Giving a wink and a nod to bad deeds–so long as it’s your guys doing it–is a recipe for worse violence to come.

The Leftist media think they can hold this wolf by the ears, but it may end by eating them too.

Editor’s Note: This article originally incorrectly stated that Ngo was of Cambodian descent. It has been corrected to reflect that Ngo is of Vietnamese descent.