This years’ Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO has opened well, with an unexpected figure. Jared Polis, liberal Democratic Governor of Colorado, appeared in the morning to speak to the assembled crowd.

Polis was well greeted and spoke for a short time. He opened by joking that his staff read the invitation to the Summit as being the “Western Conservation Summit.” Then they read it more closely and saw it was a ‘different event.’

Governor Polis had the anodyne comment“We all deserve to live a  great Colorado life. According to our own values and faith system.” This is hard to believe given his state is pursuing cake makers who won’t make a wedding cake for two gay men.

Polis went on to claim 96% bipartisan support for the bills passed under his administration. He discussed how he helped give tax breaks and giveaways to thousands of small businesses. He bragged on how his bill to fund state-wide kindergarten was backed by a Republican from Salida, Colorado.

Polis called for greater understanding across the aisle. “When we close ourselves off from discussion and debate. When we reject the possibility of hearing and understanding different perspectives. It threatens the fabric of our democracy.” And for us to begin “listening to one another, and not just sound bite or caricatures of one another.”

If Polis’ goal was to be inoffensive to a conservative audience he succeeded. He has displayed the skills of the politician: to appear before an unfriendly audience, state general things they can agree with, and walk away. Polis won a victory today by showing that he can, in theory, reach across the aisle.

Here’s the little bit on why Polis was so disliked by his audience.

Polis is among the latest in a line of Left-wing Colorado Governors. Polis has lost little time in proving his credentials as a liberal. In the first 6 months of his time in office he has signed the following bills.

SB 19-042, the National Popular Vote Initiative. This bill gives away Colorado’s Electoral College votes to the control of large states.

SB 19-181, a sweeping bill which brings in new regulations to Colorado’s booming oil and gas industry.

SB19-1032, a controversial bill mandating comprehensive sex ed for Colorado students.

HB 19-1177, a bill allowing for the confiscation of firearms from citizens deemed to be dangerous to those around them.

These bills do not bode well for Colorado and Polis will be responsible when their consequences begin to be felt. It is pleasing that Governor Polis chose to appear before a right-wing audience and not behave badly or say nasty things. He deserves credit for this. But he will be held accountable and should he be recalled, I will shed no tears to see his back.