The Democratic candidates are becoming increasingly unhinged in what they think will attract a majority of Americans. Their notions of what they think is good healthcare for 350 million people are the most worrying. Last week’s debates were indicative.

The first night’s debates was a medley of weirdness, shouting, and people asking ‘who’s that?’ to their screens. The best-known persons on stage were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Each socialist spoke in terms of 2 narratives. One is the plight of the uninsured or of those who can’t get insurance to cover their healthcare needs. The second was, briefly, that of the evils of profiteering drug companies and insurance providers. At one-point Sanders even said, ‘the answer is to get rid of the profiteering drug companies. And the insurance companies.”

Sanders has already stated that his insurance plans will cost somewhere in the range of 30 trillion dollars over a 10-year period. Sanders has given no notion of how he plans to pay for such a scheme.

Warren later declared that, “These insurance companies do not have a god-given right to make $23 billion in profits and suck it out of our healthcare system. They do not have a god given right to put forms in place so that people cannot… They want to deny coverage.”

Perhaps the only person to talk a little sense on the first night was Rep. John Delaney of Maryland. During his opening statement he stated that, “Folks, we have a choice. We can go down the road that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren want to take us with bad policies like Medicare for All, free everything, and impossible promises that’ll turn off independent voters and get Trump reelected.”

Warren didn’t like Delaney’s challenges. She complained that, “I don’t understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for President of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for. I don’t get it.” Well Sen. Warren, I can fight to become a world heavyweight boxer, but there are some things that are impossible. Me boxing Andy Ruiz is simply not in the cards, neither is universal, high-quality healthcare.

Later, when responding to Sanders promotion of universal healthcare via Medicare, Delaney said, “We can create a universal healthcare system to give everyone basic healthcare for free and I have a proposal to do it. But we don’t have to go around and be the party of subtraction and telling half the country who has private health insurance that their health insurance is illegal.”

This sounds dangerously like common sense. A Democrat against playing into Trump’s hands with bad ideas and outrageous policies? A Democrat who sees that taking away private health insurance is very idiotic? This man could be dangerous if he could get a hearing. But he won’t. Democrats are fully on board with universal Medicare and other insane ideas.

The second night wasn’t much better. Joe Biden disagreed with Sanders and Warren on Medicare for all, but still called for universal health care.

Bennet noted that the Sanders and Harris plans would, “…make illegal employer-based health insurance in this country, and massively raise taxes on the middle class, to the tune of $30 trillion-dollar… We don’t need to do that. It doesn’t make sense for us to take away insurance from half the people in this room and put huge taxes on almost everybody in this room, when we can pass a public option.”

In a time of nonsense, a little sense sounds revolutionary.

Whenever common-sense objections to their grandiose schemes were raised by Delaney or Bennet, Sanders, Warren and Harris would often call the objections, “Republican talking points.” No, trillions of dollars are not a ‘talking point’, it’s the entire point.

Democrat leadership is now going so far to the left they may fall off the edge of the earth, which is flattened under the weight of their ‘big ideas.’

What does it say about this Party that the modicum of sense present on those debate stages comes from minor figures who carry no influence and won’t win any votes? Primary debates are frequently about winning a base of party voters so you can win the nomination. In fairness, when Trump called for opening the libel laws and other deranged things, the Right either scolded him or ignored it as campaign pontificating. He had no base of support for his more ridiculous ideas.

When I see every major Democratic contender calling for universal health care, and the only questions taken seriously are whether it’ll cost 790 billion, 2 trillion or 30 trillion dollars over the next decade, I’m taken aback. They have actual support for these lunatic beliefs about taking over 1/6th of the US economy. Many Democratic supporters back this.

This chart shows the breakdown of the contender’s views on healthcare. Only Biden favors keeping private health care, the rest want it gone or, like Harris, haven’t answered. All favor a public option on healthcare. All major contenders support healthcare for illegal aliens.

This is sheer madness. They’re not asking whether we ought to have a ‘right’ to healthcare, they’ve decided it must be so, and come hell or high taxes they’re determined to bring it to pass. Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute has summed up the Democrats dilemma quite well, “no amount of enthusiasm for single-payer can overcome basic math.”