TheCollegeConservative launched as a platform to provide young conservative activists from around the world an opportunity to communicate their conservative values while promoting morality, liberty, responsibility, and prosperity through adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

TheCollegeConservative is comprised of conservative college students who are tired of being pushed around by the world of liberal academia and categorized into “the ninety-nine percent.” Our staff is subjected to academic discrimination, blasted by anti-American sentiment, and ridiculed for being “young and naive.”

We are the next generation of leaders. We are ready to be heard, ready to lead, and ready to remind America that there is real hope and change for the future: conservative values, morals, and strong leadership that starts at a young age. We seek writers that embody conservatism and are willing to promote it unashamedly and unapologetically.

TheCollegeConservative is a proud member of the Collegiate Network.

What We Believe:

A practical and responsible application of the United States Constitution: limited government, personal liberty and responsibility, strong national defense, and individual property and protective rights.

The rights of the states, such as: sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, and all other rights not explicitly granted to the federal government in the Constitution.

The sovereignty of the United States. Concerns and interests of the United States should be decided within the framework of the American government and it’s laws, not an outside mediator.

The concept of American Exceptionalism has been lost on both a tangible and intellectual level, and we intend to reintroduce it to our readers on a daily basis.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke