David Giffin (@D_Giffin) is a student at the Wake Forest University School of Law, and also holds a Masters in Theological Studies from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to writing and editing for TheCollegeConservative, he also wrote as an op-ed contributor for The Emory Wheel student newspaper and served as the Candler legislative representative for the Emory Graduate Student Government Association.


CPAC: Losing Its Religion?

The 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference is just two days away, and already the news has been abuzz with speculation as to how the conference will proceed and what it means for the future of...

An oil pipeline through Iraq

Syria: The New War for Oil

Remember when the President was an unjust tyrant, threatening to engage in military conflicts overseas that we had no business in being a part of, all because of that money-making commodity known as...

Elbert Guillory

Don’t Pillory Elbert Guillory!

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory is rapidly gaining public exposure – and popularity – after his recent switch from the Democrat party to the Republican party. Not only was this a...

Kaitlyn Hunt

Why Not To #FreeKate

Kaitlyn Hunt, an eighteen year old high school senior from Florida, has become a cause célèbre of the gay rights movement as of late. According to initial reports, largely filled with information...

Flags at graves to honor Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

The phrase “Happy Memorial Day” seems a bit inappropriate in hindsight, considering that the holiday we recognize today is dedicated to the memory of those veterans who have died in the...