Who Cares About Climate Change?

Our society’s obsession with mass catastrophes is nothing new. We were all there for the Y2K and mad cow disease scares. The Soviet bomb and an invasion from Mars haunted the dreams of our parents....

Rioters in Egypt

It’s Not All Bad in Egypt

I wouldn’t quite call President Morsi’s ousting and Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s military takeover in Egypt the silver lining of a burning Middle East, but there’s no reason...

Wedding Rings on a Bible

A Note on Religious Motivation

The idea that democratic actions — referendums and legislative maneuvers — motivated by religious convictions are marks of bad law is in danger of infecting society. It has probably...

A mother with her child

Yes You Do Need A Man

One of the most harmful features of the last couple waves of feminism has been the message oft repeated in women’s magazines and film: “You can do it by yourself.” It’s left women and...

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