TheCollegeConservative (TCC) was launched in November 2011 to give young conservative activists, across the world, a platform to be heard.  TCC is primarily comprised of conservative college students who are tired of being pushed around by the world of academia and categorized into “the ninety-nine percent.”  Our staff is subjected to academic discrimination, blasted by anti-American sentiment, and ridiculed for being “young and naive.”

TheCollegeConservative and its staff is committed to promoting the pillars set forth by the Constitution: limited government, personal liberty and responsibility, strong national defense, responsible spending, and economic policies that create opportunity, not burden.  We believe that the concept of American Exceptionalism has been lost on both a tangible and intellectual level and we intend to re-introduce it to our readers on a daily basis.

We love America, we speak the truth, and we make no apologies for it.

We are the next generation of leaders.  We are ready to be heard, ready to lead, and ready to remind America that there is real hope and change for the future: conservative values, morals, and strong leadership.  Our writers embody conservatism and are willing to promote it unashamedly and unapologetically.

While we are conservative college students, we may have differing views on certain issues.  Please be courteous and respectful as you discuss articles and issues on our website.

The ideas and opinions expressed by the individual contributors of TheCollegeConservative do not necessarily represent the views of the staff of TCC.

Please be sure to send in your comments and share our articles via Twitter, Facebook, and of course, word of mouth.

Please note that the TCC editorial staff reserves the right to remove comments, restrict usage, or enact a temporary or permanent commenting ban on commenters for any of the following reasons, at the discretion of the staff:

  • commenter exhibits hateful or racially-charged speech outside the realm of ordinary political discourse
  • commenter uses excessive profanity in comments
  • commenter posts links to commercial ventures, books, websites, or other materials not approved by the TCC staff
  • commenter posts explicit or adult-oriented material
  • commenter threatens another reader or their family with bodily harm

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